Episode 5 - August 12, 1427, Tiervan JailEdit

Scene 1 - Tiervan JailEdit

Ivan is thrown into a jail cell by Tiervan guards and discovers that his cellmates are none other than Vadim and Tevoran. He complains about being arrested for loitering, of all his crimes, and Vadim and Tevoran reveal that they were jailed for lewd conduct and trafficking human remains, respectively. Ivan is horrified at the prospect of spending the rest of his life in jail with the two of them, but Tevoran reveals he has concocted a "needlessly elaborate" escape plan and given the details to Ysabel. Ivan points out she may simply leave them to rot in jail, but Tevoran (somewhat unconvincingly) dismisses him. When Ivan asks for the details, Tevoran refuses to spoil things by unveiling his plan before it unfolds.