Targeting SPRegen HPRegen Choking Poison Drunk Weak Strength Haste Lagged DeflectBullet Deflect ChopArrows ChopBullet

Numb Blown Fast Slow Counter Pressure Stasis Aroused Barrier Fury Bleeding Buzzed Charge Constrain

Contagion Curse DefStance Enamored Enraged Fatigue Force Magnet Frail BackAttackBonus Burning Sap Guard Halluc

Hyped Inspired Insulted Jealous Misdirection Paralyzed Reflect Choking Refocus Shadow Stun Terror Crabs Warp

Backstab AlwaysFace Warp Reflect ReflectAll

Status EffectsEdit

Aroused ArousedEdit

Decreases S Defense and S Evade.

Barrier BarrierEdit

Increases S Defense and S Evade.

Fury Berserk Edit

Increases Attack, Hit, MP, and AP.

Bleeding Bleeding Edit

Reduces HP at start of turn, reduces MP.

Blown BlownEdit

Increases Attack, Hit and MP.

Burning BurningEdit

Reduces HP at start of turn, reduces SP regeneration (Ysabel's Infernal Bolt is also contagious)

Buzzed BuzzedEdit

Increases attack and hit.

Charge ChargeEdit

Increases various stats.

Choking ChokingEdit

Causes targets to lose Hit and Evade.

Constrain Constrained Edit

Prevents usage of skills and items.

Contagion ContagionEdit

Reduces HP at start of turn. Spreads to adjacent units.

Curse CurseEdit

Stops SP regeneration.

DefStance Defensive Stance Edit

Blocks the two tiles in front of Ivan.

Drunk DrunkEdit

Increases Attack while decreasing Hit and Evade.

Enamored EnamoredEdit

Causes affected enemy to approach Zofia.

Enraged EnragedEdit

Causes affected enemy to attack nearest character.

Fast FastEdit

Increases AP.

Fatigue FatigueEdit

Decreases MP and SP regeneration. (Tevoran's Demoralize decreases AP and SP regeneration)

Force Force Edit

Increases S Attack and S Hit.

Magnet Force Field Edit

Decreases MP, does not wear off until the end of the battle.

Frail Frail Edit

Decreases Defense and Evade.

Guard GuardEdit

Increases Defense and Evade.

Halluc Hallucinating Edit

Reduces a variety of stats.

Haste HasteEdit

Increases MP.

HPRegen HP RegenerationEdit

Restores HP at the beginning of each turn.

Hyped HypedEdit

Increases Hit and Evade.

Inspired InspiredEdit

Increases AP.

Insulted InsultedEdit

Causes all enemies to attack Tevoran or (if not in range) get as close to him as possible.

Jealous Jealous Rage Edit

Causes affected enemies to attack Zofia or (if not in range) get as close to her as possible.

Lagged LaggedEdit

Decreases MP.

Misdirection MisdirectionEdit

Character always back attacks (increased Hit and Attack).

Numb NumbEdit

Increases Defense while decreasing MP.

Paralyzed Paralyzed Edit

Prevents attacks and movement.

Reflect Physical Damage Backfires Edit

Decreases AP and MP by 100% and reflects all physical damage back to attackers.

Poison PoisonEdit

Reduces HP at start of turn.

Choking Poison Gas Edit

Reduces HP at start of turn.

Pressure PressureEdit

Increases MP.

Refocus Refocus Edit

Increases Attack at the cost of Defense.

Sap SapEdit

Decreases Hit and Defense.

Shadow ShadowEdit

Enemies will avoid attacking the affected character.

Slow SlowEdit

Decreases AP.

SPRegen SP RegenerationEdit

Restores additional SP at the beginning of each turn.

Stasis StasisEdit

Prevents movement.

Strength StrengthEdit

Increases Attack and Lift.

Stun StunEdit

Prevents attacks.

Targeting TargetingEdit

Increases Hit. (Ysabel's Vendetta skill also increases Attack)

Targeting Targetted Edit

Enemies within range will attack the affected character.

Terror Terror Edit

Increases MP and AP.

Crabs The Itch Edit

Reduces Defense, Hit, and Evade. Spreads to adjacent units.

Warp WarpEdit

Character can move to any tile within range, regardless of height or physical barriers.

Weak WeakEdit

Decreases Attack, Defense and Lift.


Backstab BackstabEdit

Bonus when attacking from back.

Counter CounterEdit

Chance to counter-attack melee attacks.

ChopArrows Chop ArrowsEdit

Chance to chop arrows mid-flight.

ChopBullet Chop BulletsEdit

Chance to chop bullets mid-flight.

Deflect Deflect ArrowsEdit

Chance to deflect arrows.

DeflectBullet Deflect BulletsEdit

Chance to deflect bullets.

BackAttackBonus Faceless Edit

Evasion is unaffected by side or back attacks.

AlwaysFace Foresight Edit

Always face melee attackers.

Boot Jump Higher Edit

Jump height is increased.

Warp Immateriability Edit

Allows Aizu to walk through tiles occupied by enemies.

Reflect Reflect physical Edit

Reflects all physical damage back to attackers.

ReflectAll Reflect all damage Edit

Reflects all damage back to attackers.


ImmuneAll Immune: All
ImmuneAroused Immune: Aroused
ImmuneBurning Immune: Burning
ImmuneChoking Immune: Choking
ImmuneConstrain Immune: Constrained
ImmuneContagion Immune: Contagion
ImmuneCurse Immune: Curse
ImmuneDrunk Immune: Drunk
ImmuneEnamored Immune: Enamored
ImmuneEnraged Immune: Enraged
ImmuneFatigue Immune: Fatigue
ImmuneHalluc Immune: Hallucinating
ImmuneHyped Immune: Hyped
ImmuneInsulted Immune: Insulted
ImmuneLagged Immune: Lagged
ImmunePoison Immune: Poison
ImmuneChoking Immune: Poison Gas
ImmuneSlow Immune: Slow
ImmuneStasis Immune: Stasis
ImmuneStun Immune: Stun
ImmuneCrabs Immune: The Itch


HP Health PointsEdit

Upon reaching 0 HP, a character is removed from combat. Fully recovers between battles.

AP Action PointsEdit

Spend to move, attack and execute other actions such as throwing. Refills each turn.

MP Movement PointsEdit

Spend 1 per distance moved during combat. Refills each turn.

SP Special PointsEdit

Spend on special attacks. Regenerates a certain amount every turn.

SkillPoints Skill PointsEdit

Spend on character skills.

Zlotek ZloteksEdit

Tiervan currency, used throughout the Valelands. Spend them in shops.