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Damage = (Attack - Defense) +/- 20%
Damage of skill = (Attack*skill_multiplier - Defense) +/- 20%

This applies to ALL damage in the game: melee, ranged, special or trap-based.

Note that with high damage skills such as spear triple plus or roundhouse, you can largely bypass the effectiveness of defense.

Hit chance = (Hit % - Evade %) + (20% for back attacks, 10% for side attacks)
             + (between 20% and -20% based on height)

Ranged attacks receive no height-based (dis)advantages.

Special attacks receive no height-based or facing (dis)advantages.

General tipsEdit

Use the Set Direction command to adjust your units' facing at the end of your turn. Most enemies will attack a character's back or side whenever possible (receiving a 20% or 10% hit bonus respectively). Note that this can be used to your advantage when you want to call attention away from a vulnerable unit, or manipulate the enemies' positioning.

Shove is useful in positioning enemies to be attacked by characters that can hit multiple tiles. This is often a better strategy for weaker characters to use instead of using their own attacks. It is also useful to quickly bypass walking all the way around cliffs when you are in a hurry.

Whenever possible, seek a height advantage. Simply standing on a pile of corpses will reduce enemy bonuses for back or side attacks. However, this is less important than in chapter 1 and 2 since positioning to hit multiple enemies with your attacks and avoiding the same being done to your party is a lot more important, as area attacks are more common.

Occasionally your view of tiles will be blocked by enemies, fallen bookshelves or other obstacles. In these cases, using the Cursor, located in the lower left of the screen, can be helpful. It can be used to target both movement and attacks.

At any point within a battle, if you click on one of your playable characters, and then click Details, you are able to purchase new active or passive skills to help you during combat. Since you do not necessarily need to wait until the next break point to acquire new skills, this is especially useful if you have the skill points to learn something you may need in the heat of the battle. This also applies to arming yourself with new equipment acquired in the battlefield.

Enemies will get progressively stronger, with higher stats and better equipment, as you progress through the game. Passive skills may be purchased to augment your party's stats to compensate for and mitigate any glaring disparity between your and the enemy's stats.

Remember you can reset your skills when you're out of battle, just click on the skills you learned and click "Forget" to get Skill Points back so you can spend them on the skills you need. A good tip, especially for chapter 3, is to keep around 200 unspent skill points around so you can adapt to the battle field.

You can quick save the game in battle. In harder battles its suggested to save every turn.

Keep in mind that your money is limited. Think about whether or not a purchase will really help you before making it. Keep in mind that enemies can drop various items(Various consummables may be dropped, equipment dropped will usually have been of the slain enemy's gear). Also note that armor drops more often than weapons and can be kept longer since you can hand them down. A good rule is to only buy equipment that are 2 tiers or more better than your current ones, since enemies drop plenty of consumables.

It is worth noting that the game can be beaten with any set of skills, or even with no skills purchased at all. Don't expect it to be easy, though!

Party Members Edit

 Ivan Vaclav Edit

Ivan continues his above-average performance in Chapter 3.

Ivan can equip Spears, Knuckles, Claws, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, Jackets, and all accessories. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, he starts with a Grey Spear, Refined Knuckle, Gatormoose Jacket, Arachnid Boots, 8-Directional Attack, Spear Plus, Smoke Attack, Selective Dexterity, Covert Aggression, and Avoidance.

  • + Fast movement speed with the Greasy Leather Jacket, Arachnid Boots, and Lubrication.
  • + Can equip the Foreman's Claws.
  • + Has the highest range of any melee unit.
  • + His smoke storm attack can be used to weaken damage (accuracy) of several foes per attack and help teammates hit them.
    • + Leather Lungs increases smoke attack power and provides immunity to Choking.
  • + Can deal the most damage in the game spear tripleplus at a decently low SP cost, to up to 2 enemies at once.
  • + Can attack twice after moving with Agitation.
  • Can Stack with Martin's Embolden And Ivan's adrenaline and Evade skills to Create Up to 90%of Evasion

Edwin Tevoran Edit

Tevoran's role is almost completely unchanged. He still tanks hits and controls the battlefield with Mockery.

Edwin can equip Swords, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, and all accessories. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, he starts with the Cold Sword, Refined Sword, Steel Chain Leather, Red Belt, Berate, Mockery, Overhead Slash, Audacity, and Suspicion.

  • + His physical defense is unparalleled.
  • + His Mockery skill will completely ruin enemy AI, allowing you a turn's reprieve to heal or go on the offensive. If he is far enough away, many enemies won't even attack him (out of range).
    • - Some monsters and automatons are immune to this skill.
    • + Can use Demoralize to reduce enemy AP by half for a turn.
  • - His evasiveness is the worst of any teammate.
    • + Given his high defense, he won't suffer too much from this.
  • - His SP only recharges at a rate of 4 per turn, slowing down use of his special moves.
    • + The Warden's Emblem can patch this weakness up quite handily.
    • + His new Machination skill can increase his SP regeneration by 1, allowing you to give the Warden's Emblem to someone else.

Ysabel Tevoran Edit

Ysabel is able to either take a classic archer style using Flameblast or Break Bolt, or an assassin with the use of Dirty Knife and her new passive: Deft Carnage.

Ysabel can equip Crossbows, Knives, Light and Medium Armor, Dresses, and all accessories. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, she starts with a Crossbow of Terror, a Refined Dagger, Stylish Clothes, the Warden's Emblem, Limb Breaker, Flamebow, Puissance, Belligerence, and Determination.

  • + Decent ranged damage output.
  • + Limb Breaker stops an enemy cold for two turns. Enemy will start running out of battle once hit by this skill. They can be unable to attack for 3 turns this way - 2 turns stunned + 1 turn getting back to the fight.
    • - All bosses are immune to it now.
  • + She is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage using her knife. Daggers which provide backstab bonuses work even better.
    • + Can attack twice after moving using Impetuousness.
    • + Using Dirty Knife with Deft Carnage, she can deal 300% damage to an enemy with a backstab, or higher with a backstab knife.
  • + Infernal Bolt can be used to deal damage to crowds, notably in the two battles where many Voronese Soldiers appear.
  • + Break Bolt can be used to reduce enemy Defense and Evade, making them easier to kill.
  • - Doesn't have much bulk. Keep her away from the front lines.

Casimir Gheft Edit

Casimir starts to lag behind when it comes to healing compared to Oksana. Therefore, his increasing uselessness leads him to leave the party at the end of Episode 10.

Casimir can equip Darts, Light Armor, and all accessories. He permanently leaves at the end of Episode 10. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, he starts with Lethal Darts, Padded Clothes, Regenerative Cloak, Regen Dart, Slow Dart, Precision, and Walking Pharmacy.

  • + His SP recharges at a rate of 6 per turn, upgradeable to 9 with his Alchemical Deity passive.
  • + His Slow Dart can affect the one boss he fights, though it isn't easy to get an angle on him.
    • + His Speed Dart skill in conjuncture with Martin's Encourage skill is a HUGE asset to the party thus making him a extremely reliable support to your highest damaging character.
  • + He can heal status problems like poison or plague.
  • + He can be used to shove teammates or build barricades from light material.
  • + With regen darts and Blessed Girdle, his healing becomes very powerful, more so if enemy damage is spread out among a few party members.
  • - He has no way to deal reliable damage.
    • + He can situationally deal out the most DPT of the team with Plague Dart.
  • - He is not strong enough to lift dead bodies without some kind of buff.
  • - He can take about as much punishment as a wet tissue.
  • - Leaves at the end of Episode 10.
    • + All of his items and SP are refunded to the player upon his departure, meaning any investment in him is not wasted.

Oksana Rospostiuk Edit

Oksana is still a very powerful healer and damage dealer. Her equipment scales to allow her to have incredible Special Attack.

Oksana can equip Sickles, Maces, Light and Medium Armor, Robes, Dresses, and all accessories. She temporarily leaves after Episode 12's first battle, and permanently returns after Episode 12's last battle. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, she starts with an Holy Sickle, a Bishop Robe, the Cross of Ecthain, White Bolt, Holy Blast, Heal, Niendan Bear, and Unnatural Fervor.

  • + She has the best Special Attack, and her late-game Sickles and Robes, the Cross of Ecthain, and her passives can stack to make this stupidly high.
  • + White Bolt and its upgrades serve as a powerful ranged attack.
  • + Multiheal can heal the entire party at once.
  • + Reasonably bulky.
  • + Has some good buffs in Haste and Celestial Drive.
  • + Gets a free Holy Sickle late in Episode 13.
  • + Her SP recharges at a rate of 6 per turn, upgradeable to 9 with her Matronly Zeal passive.
  • - Most of her spells rely on her SP.
    • + If she runs dry, she can throw hard objects at enemies. This way, you can still do decent damage.
  • - After temporarily leaving, she does not give you any of your skill points back, and her skills can't be accessed until she returns.
    • + This can be circumvented by unlearning all of her skills before the battle, though you will have to deal with the lackluster enemies without a healer.

Aizu Edit

Aizu gets a visible improvement when she returns at the end of Episode 11. She has learned two new special attacks which deal decent damage, and she is able to walk through enemies, as if you'd ever want to do that.

Aizu can equip Axes, Light Armor, Dresses, and all accessories. She joins at the end of Episode Eleven's fourth battle, and permanently leaves at the start of Episode Thirteen's last battle.

  • + Obscurity makes her invisible for two turns, can be indefinitely maintained, and can be used to turn her into a makeshift blockade.
  • + Naturally regenerates 7 HP every turn.
    • + Now regenerates 6 SP every turn.
  • + Is able to reliably deal damage using Flame of Purgatory if backed up by Tevoran's Scold.
  • + Has higher health and evade.
  • - No skills for her to buy or upgrade.
    • + Her base skillset is generally more robust than it was in Chapter 2.
  • - She leaves the party at the end of Episode Thirteen.
    • + Her equipment is returned to the inventory.

Reynold Chesterfield Edit

Reynold has gained some new passives, but otherwise, his regular Roundhouse Kick will serve him just fine.

Reynold can equip Light and Medium Armor, Thug Outfits, and all accessories. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, he starts with Stealth Gear, an Avant-Garde Scarf, Roundhouse, Gallantry, and Integrity.

  • + Great damage output.
  • + Best HP in the game and Medium Armor make him difficult to kill.
  • + Is able to punch twice after moving with Autonomy.
  • + Will always face melee attackers if Foresight is learned.
  • - He is permanently locked to 1 range.
    • - He also doesn't receive a movement passive, meaning he'll arrive at a fight a turn or two after Ivan.
  • - He cannot equip weapons to improve his attack, forcing his passives to pick up the slack.

Zofia Czartoryska Edit

Zofia has learned several new explosive methods to killing enemies, but her Molotovs and Pistols will still work fine.

Zofia can equip Pistols, Light and Medium Armor, Dresses, and all accessories. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, she starts with a Gold Pistol, a Silver Pistol, Combat Dress, Bone Godemiche, Grenade, Molotov, Wine Chug, Indulgence, and Debauchery.

  • + Decent ranged damage output.
  • + Her Grenade and Molotov Cocktail can deal impressive damage to multiple enemies at the same time.
    • - Allies caught in the blast will suffer friendly fire. Use caution.
  • + She gets a free Gold Pistol in an upcoming battle.
  • + Her Lewd Glance can cripple bosses for a turn, except the final boss.
  • + Is able to increase her SP and SP regen by learning Libertinage.
  • - Doesn't have much bulk. Keep her away from the front lines.

Martin Oskarand van Arkanad Edit

Martin earns some badly-needed skills to improve his combat skills, and he still has good old Encourage.

Martin can equip Maces, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, and all accessories. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, he starts with a Refined Mace, Steel Chain Leather, and the Onyx Necklace.

  • + Very bulky.
  • + His Encourage skill gives five AP to the whole party, letting them act several times in one turn.
    • - It costs a very expensive 16 SP to use.
    • + However, used in conjuncture with Tevoran's Scold ability, he can use encourage often.
  • + Martin is able to purchase new skills at the beginning of Episode 12's first battle.
    • - Embolden is not nearly as useful as Encourage, as killing enemies before they attack you is a reliable strategy.

Vera Oskaria van Arkanad Edit

Vera, the princess of Vorona takes up a similar role to Oksana. She can heal and use special attacks just like her, but has the lowest Attack and Defense out of any character.

Vera can equip Staves, Light Armor, Dresses, and all accessories. She joins at the end at Chapter 12's second battle.

  • + Can inflict Stasis on enemies using Lock Beam or Lock Blast.
    • - Requires line-of-sight to the target or the tile in question.
  • + Her healing skills are slightly more powerful than Oksana's versions.
  • + Can specialize in Healing, allowing Oksana to focus on damage.
  • + Her SP recharges at a rate of 6 per turn, upgradeable to 8 with her Conspicuous Empathy passive.
    • + Comes equipped with the Arkanad Earrings, which increases SP regen along with several other stats.
  • + Can receive the Drain Staff by searching the pile of trash in the first battle of Episode 14.
    • - Her attack is so abysmal that draining health with the staff may prove difficult.
  • - Has the lowest base health out of anyone in the party when she appears.
  • - Lacks an AP upgrade.
    • + Can be alleviated with the Prickly Britches.


Episode TenEdit

Voronese Wilderness, HillsEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Scrough Wild Boar 5 SkillPoints
Snowball Wild Boar 5 SkillPoints Item Boar Meat
Hull Wild Boar 5 SkillPoints
Leighton Pitchfork Hillman 5 SkillPoints 30 Zlotek
Samuel Pitchfork Hillman 5 SkillPoints Item Gutter Ale
Harland Hatchet Hillman 5 SkillPoints
Beauregard Hatchet Hillman 5 SkillPoints Item Moldy Bread, 13 Zlotek

Spawned units:

Name Type Points Drops
Grits Pitchfork Hillman 5 SkillPoints Item Putrid Fern, 210 Zlotek

If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 2, you start with 260SkillPoints, three Somas, three Slunk Nuggets, and a decent selection of skills and equipment.

Did you hang onto the Foreman's Claw? Ivan is now able to equip it.

Searching the shack door without first disabling the alarm (there's a switch underneath a nearby barrel) will result in the searching unit taking 10 damage. After flipping the switch, a Pitchfork Hillman will spawn from the door. Kill him without mercy to gain 5 extra points and some loot.

The logs can be rolled downhill; each unit in their path will take 60 damage.

Voronese Wilderness, StreamEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Rhett Hatchet Rider 5 SkillPoints
Atticus Hatchet Rider 5 SkillPoints
Newton Pitchfork Rider 5 SkillPoints
Sorrel Pitchfork Rider 5 SkillPoints
Turch Wild Boar 5 SkillPoints
Gullen Wild Boar 5 SkillPoints Item Boar Meat

Spawned units:

Name Type Points Drops
Liggett Hatchet Hillman 5 SkillPoints
Rhett Hatchet Hillman 5 SkillPoints 25 Zlotek
Atticus Hatchet Hillman 5 SkillPoints Item Soma
Newton Pitchfork Hillman 5 SkillPoints 35 Zlotek
Sorrel Pitchfork Hillman 5 SkillPoints Item Tainted Wine

After being "killed", the Rider units will spawn a normal Hillman.

A couple of turns into the battle, the vile Liggett will make an appearance, holding a bridgelike platform. Kill him before he reaches the river to prevent him from creating another path for your enemies. Since he's often hiding behind another boar rider, it can be difficult to kill him in one turn: have Zofia use Lewd Glance while Ysabel pelt him with bolts. He'll not use his platform but retreat to take the long way around. It should buy you enough turns to deal with him. Then, block the botthm-log with two characters one after another and Oksana to heal the one who will tank. It's only a matter of time before your ranged attackers will remove all opponents. An extremely easy fight.

Search the bush in the middle of the map to find the Accessory Prickly Britches, an accessory which raises AP by 2. Riding the raft provides a fine means of easily reaching it. With two characters, you can have one operate the raft forth, have the second move to the bush, take the loot and get back, so the first character can operate the raft back as well.

Now may be a good time to purchase Casimir's Neutralization, as it will prevent him from taking gas damage in the following battle.

Gilbrecht's Mansion, FoyerEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Lt. Alistair Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints Pistol Gold Pistol, 70 Zlotek
Lt. Florian Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints 120 Zlotek
Melvin Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints
Norman Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints 25 Zlotek
Gunter Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints
Bertrand Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Eckbert Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints 52 Zlotek
Layne Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints Item Sardine Tin

Spawned units:

Name Type Points Drops
Finkle Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints ItemTepid Coffee

Search the paintings to reveal various things of interest behind them. The leftmost painting hides a switch to turn off the poison gas. The middle painting conceals a switch which will spawn a Voro Grenadier and a couple of crates. Hey, you need those points, don't you? You'll have to topple the bookshelf to reach the rightmost painting - behind it lurks a stash holding 240 Zlotek and a Item Holy Beverage.

Toppling the bookshelf deals 40 damage in a 2x3 area.

Examine the bottom-most section of fence and it'll drop, allowing you access to the area below. The switch at the far left corner of the room will lower the rest of the fence and a section of stairs. Careful use of ranged attacks against the enemies down here can ensure that you can avoid this area entirely.

Gilbrecht's Mansion, LaboratoryEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Gilbrecht van Arkanad Nobleman 25 SkillPoints Accessory Stylish Fedora, LightArmor Sinister Suit, 233 Zlotek
Cpt. Ignatius Voronese Captain 10 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams, 110 Zlotek
Lt. Octrick Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints Item Jhurukian Pure
Hugo Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints 25 Zlotek
Sid Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Soma
Canute Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Foot Grease
Tormod Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets
Jens Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints 27 Zlotek
Ronald Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints
Fastwin War Priest 5 SkillPoints 85 Zlotek

You have a limited number of turns to rescue Vera - failing results in game over! Using the Foot Grease dropped by Canute can make reaching her conveyor a bit easier.

Vera conveyor

A damsel in distress.. going for the BBQ.

We've got some more switches here, folks. The right one, as you might expect, operates the 3-person elevator to which it's attached. From there, going left, the next switch raises the center platform. Once this platform is raised, you can access a switch which will stop the large group of conveyor belts from moving (but not Vera's!). Finally, flipping the switch at the far left will disable Vera's conveyor, after which you need only kill Gilbrecht at your leisure to win the battle.

A tip to speeding up your movement to clear out all enemies without using foot grease: have a party member pushed down to the elevator and ferry 3 members down. Then rush them to the second switch at the low ground to bridge the two high grounds, then run the rest of your team straight to Gilbrecht. - ignore elevator, use shove and push to get a member down next to the second switch with the first turn. When bridge is raised ignore 3rd switch and shove team member off on to raised section by the enemy war priest (seems to be the crossbow girl(Ysabel), use grease if possible at that point). Have her stop the conveyor. Then turn all attention to killing Gilbrecht.

Strategy 2 (To save Vera, clear out all enemies and finally eliminate Gilbrecht with Flawless Victory):

Turn 1: Oksana gives Haste to Reynold. Reynold moves in front of Zofia (southwest of her). Zofia shoves Reynold down the ledge (he receives around 47 damage). Move Reynold in front of the central switch and activate it. Move the rest of your party members towards the newly raised platform. Make sure to get rid of Sid. Tevoran uses Mockery but positions himself far from most enemies' attack range.

Turn 2: Reynold attacks (eliminates if possible) Tormod. Keep your party advancing and attacking your enemies. Have Zofia use Lewd Glance to keep Gilbrecht distracted and unable to attack (his Bomb attack may damage most of your party). Try to damage Fastwin with some ranged attacks so he is busy healing himself instead of attacking. One fast-moving party member (recommended: Ivan, with Greasy Leather Jacket) must approach the wooden machine but try to keep out of most enemies' range (next to the switch appears to be convenient).

Turn 3: Tevoran uses Mockery. Have the party advance and damage or eliminate your enemies, preferably the Grenadiers first. Use the fast-moving party member to cross enemy lines with the help of Oksana's Haste, Casimir's Speed Dart/Martin's Encourage and Arachnid Boots, shoving enemies and having Reynold create some "corpses stairs" in order to approach the switch to the far left. Tevoran's Mockery will protect the character from being attacked.

Turn 4: Your vanguard character can reach the switch and stop the conveyor belt. Now focus on eliminating enemies one by one, prioritizing Grenadiers.

Following turns: Tevoran and Zofia use Mockery (on everyone) and Lewd Glance (on Gilbrecht) alternately to prevent enemies from attacking and forcing them to approach your party (Note: If you are unlucky, Cpt. Ignatius' Tactical Order will negate Mockery just after you used it, so try to eliminate him quickly). To do this, you will be required to give Tevoran the Warden's Emblem or his Machination skill to have 5 SP regen per turn (the skill is recommended to allow Martin to keep the Warden's Emblem to cast Encourage more oftenly).

Final turns: If Gilbrecht has been subject of Mockery and Lewd Glance through most of the battle, he won't have had the chance to attack oftenly. Most likely the only enemies left will be Gilbrecht and Lt. Octrick shooting from the highest level. Pursue them with Ivan and Reynold, shoot them with Zofia and Ysabel and heal/support with Tevoran, Casimir and Oksana.


After this battle, poor, beleaguered Casimir will permanently leave the party. (He will instead run the shop). His equipment and points will be recovered. Martin temporarily leaves as well, but is kind enough to leave behind any accessory that you've equipped him with. Keep in mind that despite what the cutscenes might suggest, Zofia does remain in your party.


Episode ElevenEdit

Tierva, Tevoran's HideoutEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Igor Tiervan Guard 5 SkillPoints MediumArmor Tiervan Guard Gear
Yuri Tiervan Guard 5 SkillPoints
Helm Tiervan Archer 5 SkillPoints 25 Zlotek
Cpt. Alaric Tiervan Captain 10 SkillPoints 90 Zlotek
Cpt. Karel Tiervan Captain 10 SkillPoints Item Stink Beacon
Nevzor Tiervan Archer 5 SkillPoints
Hagen Tiervan Archer 5 SkillPoints 25 Zlotek
Broda Tiervan Shield Guard 5 SkillPoints Item Antivenom
Staszek Tiervan Shield Guard 5 SkillPoints 39 Zlotek

Enemies will spawn over several turns, from both the upstairs windows and the main floor doorway. The floor, steadily ravaged by the march of time, will finally give way during this battle, causing fall damage to any hapless unit which happens to be standing upon it. Oh, and don't stand to close to the windows or the front door, because for this one battle, the enemies are able to act as when they enter the house.

If you didn't already do so during the previous interval, make sure you allocate Casimir's points to your remaining party members!

In the next interval, you may wish to stock up on healing items, as the coming battle will leave you without a healer.

Tierva, Brothel VestibuleEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Strauss Fierce Bouncer 10 SkillPoints Item Phorian Opiate
Ilya Fierce Bouncer 10 SkillPoints 60 Zlotek
Slag Bouncer 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets
Janos Bouncer 5 SkillPoints
Kiril Bouncer 5 SkillPoints

Spawned units:

Name Type Points Drops
Sergei Bouncer 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets, 45 Zlotek
This place

Locked Doors

A: 500 Zlotek, Item Itch Powder, and Item Emerian Vintage

B: Bouncer

C: Fat Patron

You're limited to Tevoran, Ivan, and Reynold in this battle. Since none of these are healers, it is a good idea to purchase a few health and defense passives, and not confront the enemies directly.

Reynold can learn Rustic VIgor or Rustic Purge to heal himself, which might be useful to have in a pinch.

Take note that the bouncers all have abnormally high jump for some reason, and can jump up ridiculously steep walls like it's nothing. (Because bouncers... bounce?)

A fair amount of secrets can be found here, but to access most of them you'll need the keys. To find them, search the cash register from the northeast. This will enable you to open two of the upstairs doors along with the brothel's moderately conspicuous lockbox.

The lockbox contains 500 Zlotek, Item Itch Powder, and Item Emerian Vintage. Of the upstairs doors, the left will yield a Fat Patron, which can be thrown repeatedly by Reynold (or another character with a strength boost); the right yields another Bouncer.

You can draw the curtain in the leftward area of the map, which will unveil a sleeping(?) patron. Searching his mattress after he's been removed will yield 75 Zlotek.

Lastly, the chandelier can be dropped by means of the chain in the upper right of the map. Any unit within its range will take 50 damage.

Strategy 1 (by ghasting):

The absence of a healer means that one should exercise caution. Rather than rush out to confront all the bouncers directly, simply run away as fast as you can. Send Reynold to nab the keys from the cash register, then move him back as far as possible. Hopefully, Ivan has the greasy leather jacket and/or lubrication, and perhaps even the arachnid boots equpped. Either way, he should be sent to raid the lockbox, before moving back too.

On the next turn, most of the bouncers should be near the left side staircase, except for the one who started on the right side. Naturally, one would gang up on the poor guy and beat him into the ground, before fleeing up the same staircase to escape the wrath of his brothers.

Now, simply hold the bouncers off at the top of the stairs with Reynold or Tevoran, and if you wish, send Ivan over to the left side of the map to raid the mattress. If you send Ivan over too soon, note that some of the bouncers might aggro onto him and head that way instead.

Tiervan Brothel, Brothel InteriorEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Krasimira Harlot 10 SkillPoints 160 Zlotek
Elszebet Harlot 10 SkillPoints 160 Zlotek
Perun Fierce Bouncer 10 SkillPoints
Myrna Trollop 5 SkillPoints Dress Paramour Dress
Lydia Trollop 5 SkillPoints 55 Zlotek
Chunder Bouncer 5 SkillPoints Item Putrid Fern, Item Itch Powder
Bretik Bouncer 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets

In this battle, your only units will be Ysabel, Oksana, and Zofia.

Nothing to see here, folks! Unless, that is, you're of a carnivorous inclination, for a very intriguing steak lies amidst the room! Eat it to gain increased attack power (150%) and the ability to throw Fat Patrons. It's recommended to use this on Zofia or Ysabel, since Oksana can already lift heavy characters.

Using the steak, one can do a massive amount of damage. You can use Zofia's Wine Slam to stack an even higher damage bonus, or Ysabel's Deft Carnage/Adroit Carnage for even greater knife and backstab damage. This can easily stack up to around 100 damage per normal hit, assuming you have the best equipment available, and go even higher with certain skills.

Note that the itch can spread to the bouncers.

Beware of using Zofia's Lewd Glance on Trollops or Harlots! They'll enter a Jealous rage and target Zofia whenever possible.

Tierva, Brothel AbattoirEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Jedmesz Ludizret Nobleman 25 SkillPoints Item Hyper Meat, Accessory Soiled Bib, 400 Zlotek
Nadia Harlot 10 SkillPoints Claw Courtesan Claws
Dziragosta Harlot 10 SkillPoints 120 Zlotek
Nivek Fierce Bouncer 10 SkillPoints ThiefOutfit Stealth Outfit
Plamen Fierce Bouncer 10 SkillPoints 65 Zlotek
Jasna Trollop 5 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Zalateka Trollop 5 SkillPoints Item Antivenom
Svetlana Trollop 5 SkillPoints 50 Zlotek
Kivetopluk Bouncer 5 SkillPoints Item Soma, 30 Zlotek
Visestan Bouncer 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets
Zbylut Bouncer 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets

The gates along the northwestern section of the map can be opened using the two switches. Use them to let allies pass through or to keep enemies restrained. NOTE: Enemies can still pass through the center gate from the inside when the gate is closed. Unsure if this is a bug.

Note that you can attack and be attacked through the bars with both melee and ranged attacks.

As with the previous battle, Zofia's Lewd Glance will not have its usual effect upon Harlots and Trollops. Rather, they'll target her in particular.


Episode TwelveEdit

Niendan SteppeEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Oleg Bard (Type A) 10 SkillPoints Accessory Oleg's Balalaika, 145 Zlotek
Cactus Cactus 5 SkillPoints
Cactus Cactus 5 SkillPoints Item Cactus Juice
Ang Niendan Barbarian 5 SkillPoints Item Gutter Ale, Item Slunk Nuggets
Burnov Niendan Barbarian 5 SkillPoints MediumArmor Barbarian Gear

Aizu returns to the party here. Her skills have been upgraded, and she should be more useful than in Chapter 2.

Martin will also return, with a whole new set of skills to purchase at the start of this battle.

Oksana will temporarily leave the party after this battle, though she'll leave behind any accessory that she'd had equipped.

Beware, for using Mockery, Enrage, or Lewd Glance on the Niendan Barbarians will plunge them into Berserker Fury, increasing their attack, hit rate, movement, and action points!

Oleg's Balalaika will grant 2 SP to it's bearer, and if equipped before the start of a battle, the bearer will gain 1 extra SP, if that holds any significance to you. If it doesn't, you can just give it to Aizu. Giving it to Martin before the start of a battle will allow him to use encourage on the next turn without a SP regen boost.

In this fight, and the next one, I recommend using Tevoran to shield from the cactus's ranged attack, as if a single character takes the brunt of such attack, up to 110 damage is possible. I think Dart Cleaver will help, as every single spine released can be deflected, and if you have the Bulletproof Clothes you'll become nearly immune to their attack.

Niendam, Mountain of TrialsEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Agari Giant Spider 5 SkillPoints
Imre Giant Spider 5 SkillPoints Item Spider Gland
Tkach Mountain Spider 5 SkillPoints Item Spider Gland
Szabo Mountain Spider 5 SkillPoints
Cactus #1 Cactus 5 SkillPoints
Cactus #2 Cactus 5 SkillPoints Item Cactus Juice
Mtn. Cactus #1 Mountain Cactus 5 SkillPoints Item Cactus Juice
Mtn. Cactus #2 Mountain Cactus 5 SkillPoints

You can buy Barbarian Gear for 75 gold before the battle. If it is better than any of your current armor, be sure to buy some.

Every few turns a boulder will become dislodged. Any unit in its path will sustain 50 damage.

Zofia's Medicate ability will help a lot, especially if a squishier character sustains both poison and is constrained. Vera joins the party at the end of this battle, and will make a fine replacement for Oksana, as she is a predominately special attacker and healer.

Niendam, Mountain Cave, Part OneEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Stalagmite #1 Stalagmite 5 SkillPoints Item Minion Ichor
Stalagmite #2 Stalagmite 5 SkillPoints
Stalagmite #3 Stalagmite 5 SkillPoints
Stalagmite #4 Stalagmite 5 SkillPoints Item Holy Beverage
Wall Chunk #1 Wall Chunk 5 SkillPoints
Wall Chunk #2 Wall Chunk 5 SkillPoints Item Grotesque Fungus
Wall Chunk #3 Wall Chunk 5 SkillPoints

The high defense of these stony foes makes Ysabel's Break Bolt a fine purchase choice for this battle. You can also abuse their lack of special defense and kill them with special attacks. Keep in mind that the burn of Flameblast and Infernal Bolt are not affected by armor and will do high damage as well.

Vera's usefulness is emphasized in this fight, as rocks are weak to her powerful special attacks, and are not immune to stasis, which makes Vera's lock beam and lock blast ideal.

The Stalagmites' healing ability is triggered when they fall below 76 HP.

Niendam, Mountain Cave, Part TwoEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Nidh-Perquunos Abomination 25 SkillPoints Item Tranquil Chime
Gaeri Gorgyle 10 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Tushterne Gorgyle 10 SkillPoints Item Stink Beacon
Taerokhorz Gorgyle 10 SkillPoints Item Crystalline Fungus

The Abomination's Blue Bolt attack becomes stronger when it falls below 200 HP and 100 HP, inflicting increasingly strong forms of the Hallucinating status, which cannot be cured. It is better to clear the gargoyles before bringing the Abomination down to 200 HP or below.

Gorgyles may use their Solidify ability upon reaching 100 HP, which will heal them and cause physical attacks to backfire for 1 turn.

At the start of the battle, stay out of the Gorgyles' range and use Tevoran's Scold. The gorgyles will move close enough for most of your melee attackers to wreak havoc on them. At the start of the next turn, have Martin Encourage the party and attempt to destroy them. If you've coordinated well, you can destroy all three of them in one turn.


Episode ThirteenEdit

Tierva, Vaclav Manor LibraryEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Cpt. Winckel Tiervan Captain 10 SkillPoints 75 Zlotek
Olssen Tiervan Elite Guard 10 SkillPoints Item Soma
Rotham Tiervan Elite Guard 10 SkillPoints HeavyArmor Steel Plate Armor
Artyom Tiervan Flamethrower 5 SkillPoints Item Burn Salve
Leckner Tiervan Flamethrower 5 SkillPoints 30 Zlotek
Hasen Tiervan Flamethrower 5 SkillPoints
Dewalt Tiervan Sniper 5 SkillPoints
Haggar Tiervan Sniper 5 SkillPoints Item Eel Extract, 50 Zlotek

Milan Vaclav has an entirely academic interest in preserving literary works of moral turpitude. As such, he'll grant the party 50 Zlotek for each of his precious shelves that manages to survive this battle untorched.

Bear in mind that the Tiervan Flamethrowers are so dead set on their work that neither Mockery nor Enrage will deter them from their task. You can delay their torching with stun and stasis.

Suggested strategy to save all 18 bookcases:

Ivan: Spear Tripleplus, Overt Agression, Agitaiton, Lubrication, Arachnid boots, Greasy jacket. If you don't have Greasy jacket, purchase Perfidiousness for Zofia or give her Prickly britches.

Tevoran: Mockery.

Oksana: Sacred Burst, Matronly Zeal, Oleg's Balalaika.

Zofia: Libertinage, Cross of Echtain.

Vera: Lock blast, Conspicious Empathy, Arkanad Earrings.

Other skills and equipment: whatever you want.

First turn: advance Oksana and cast Holy Burst on everyone. Mock with Tevoran then move and shove Ivan towards the stairs. If he doesn't have Greasy jacket shove him further with Zofia. Move Ivan to the leftmost point upstairs so he can attack two Flamethrowers with diagonal attack. Use Tripleplus and normal attack. Move Zofia to the corner between the stairs and the bookcase. Throw grenade in the Elite guard Olssen. Shove Vera twice with Martin, then twice with Ysabel towards the stairs. Move Vera up the stairs so she could hit Sniper Dewalt with Lock blast. Make sure you hit. By now you should have two Flamethrowers dead and one stasised. If one of left Flamethrowers is alive (due to misses or low rolls on damage) you can move Aizu to the left and shove her twice with Reynold so she could finish him with Flame of Purgatory. Advance with others. End turn. Due to Mockery you shouldn't take any damage.

Second turn: use Aizu's Flame of Purgatory on the last Flamethrower and finish him with Reynold's Roundhouse (shove Reynold if necessary). This should secure bookcases. Grab the corpse and throw him on archers. Punch with Ivan through the railing (if possible) then move and throw two Flamethrowers' corpses on captain and guards on stairs. Use Oksana's Holy Blast on them also. Try to finish the captain with Ysabel and one of the elite guards with Vera. The survivors shouldn't be a problem because they don't have enough damage to kill someone. This should secure Flawless victory and 900 zloteks bonus for saved literature.

Alternatively, all of the Flamethrowers can be stopped from burning the bookcases for one turn with a Demoralization from Tevoran. Martin should have the Warden's Emblem for an Encourage, and Zofia with Libertinage for a Molotov. After Demoralizing the enemies, Oksana should grant Haste to Vera, allowing her to move close enough to Lock Blast everyone except the Flamethrowers. Then move everyone closer to the guards. Only the Archers are able to attack, but they don't have enough SP for Stasis Shot. After that, it's just a case of easily murdering them all with your nearest characters.

Tierva, Train StationEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Mercer Assassin 10 SkillPoints Item Phorian Opiate
Shultt Assassin 10 SkillPoints Item Spider Gland
Toth Assassin 10 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Whitnick Assassin 10 SkillPoints Dagger Murderous Dagger

You can only use Ivan, Ysabel and Tevoran for this battle. Any Assassin who reaches 50 HP or lower will use Toxic Immolation, an explosive suicide attack that poisons anyone within its range.

Tevoran's Dart Cleaver can deflect the Assassins' shurikens, so you may want to use that along with Mockery when you can. Stay out of their Dagger range, as they will constantly use Fatal Precision to make use of their backstab bonuses. Focus on one enemy at a time and attempt to kill them in one turn without letting them use Toxic Immolation.

Focus on eliminating one assassin at a time, rather than all of them at the same time. Use Ysabel's Dirty Knife and backstab them to make them taste their own medicine.

If you used the Demoralize strategy in the last battle, then it'll work great with this battle! The Assassins can't live without Fatal Precision and will use it for Misdirection bonuses if they don't already have it. They also suffer from having only 7 AP, meaning that Tevoran's Demoralize will render them useless for a turn. If you get Tevoran's SP up to 20 with 5 SP Regen, he can shut down the buggers for 3 turns, which is enough to annihilate them.

If, for whatever reason you find this battle too hard, you can pair Demoralize with Korova Milk to get a massive SP Regen boost (+10 regen for 3 turns), allowing you to keep Demoralize up for a long while, along with other abilities if you need to.

Tierva, Leithar's AbodeEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Leithar Heistrand Nobleman 25 SkillPoints Accessory Anachronistic Bowtie, 360 Zlotek
Cpt. Butwinick Tiervan Captain 10 SkillPoints 115 Zlotek
Wutson Tiervan Elite Guard 10 SkillPoints
Braleck Tiervan Elite Guard 10 SkillPoints Item Soma, 40 Zlotek
Ulf Tiervan Sniper 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets
Marisk Tiervan Sniper 5 SkillPoints Item Slime Residue
Fritz Tiervan Shield Guard 5 SkillPoints
Jonck Tiervan Shield Guard 5 SkillPoints Item Phorian Opiate
Sedar Tiervan Flamethrower 5 SkillPoints Item Dr. Gheft's Burn Emolient
Cliff Tiervan Flamethrower 5 SkillPoints 35 Zlotek

You may wish to avoid using Zofia's Lewd Glance or Innuendo on Leithar. Doing so will infuriate him, causing him to target Zofia at every opportunity.

If Leithar uses Disparaging Admonition,Counter it with Martin's Embolden

Jonck will be inflicted with the Itch for three turns at the start of the battle, so stay away from him until it wears off.

The Tiervan Sniper near Leithar will constantly harass you with arrows. Ysabel can probably shoot and kill him if she doesn't get hit by his Stun Shot, which has a lower range than his regular arrows.

If Aizu stands on the wall above the throwable lamp on the right side and uses Obscurity then all of the enemy melee units will be unable to reach you leaving only the two Snipers able to shoot you.

Leithar will use the Canned Yams once he reaches 140 HP, which will heal him for 130 HP

Tierva, Northeast GateEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Moser Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints 36 Zlotek
Langley Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Spider Gland
Kief Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints
Behar Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints
Peter Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets
Graffe Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints
Troy Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Tepid Coffee
Moulder Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Wright Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints 42 Zlotek
Cpt. Hogan Voronese Captain 10 SkillPoints
Onan Mercenary Archer 5 SkillPoints HeavyArmor Refined Plate Armor, 25 Zlotek
Nadir Mercenary 5 SkillPoints 40 Zlotek
Graham Bishop 10 SkillPoints Sickle Purity Sickle
Xavier Mercenary 5 SkillPoints Sword Cold Sword
Chuff Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints
Lt. Heath Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints Item Soma
Eggman Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints Item Bull Testes
Humbert War Priest 5 SkillPoints
Lt. Faber Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints Item Korova Milk
Cpt. Lawrence Voronese Captain 10 SkillPoints 70 Zlotek
Rhys Mercenary Archer 5 SkillPoints 66 Zlotek
Turgon War Priest 5 SkillPoints Item Grotesque Fungus
Cpt. Reichart Voronese Captain 10 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Lt. Wembly Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints 50 Zlotek

This battle won't be won until all enemies have spawned. Boulders and plague corpses will rain down upon the map periodically. Anyone hit by a plague corpse will acquire the Contagion status, which inflicts 25 damage per turn and will be spread to adjacent units. It's very much possible that the corpses won't do anything, as they fall in the back half of the map, but throwing them applies Contagion.

Contagius Bodies

Contagius bodies, reused corpses by Vorona Army or somewhat poured by elixir to make it smelly?

You are assisted by two Tiervan Guards and an Archer. They aren't very strong, but they'll be able to soak up some hits for your team. Note that keeping them alive is NOT required to achieve a Flawless Victory.

Waves spawn both on the wall and from the gate. Anyone standing in front of the gate when enemies first walk through are knocked aside and take damage.

Abusing Mockery in this battle is very effective, as it gives your main damage dealers a chance to rotate up and down the wall. Note that you cannot hit enemies who have just spawned from the gate while on second stairs or above with ranged attacks.

Enemies that spawn in from the gate are susceptible to Holy Blast and Lock Blast. Lock Blast is especially helpful as it prevents them from moving while you deal with enemies on the wall.

Tiervan WildernessEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Duriken Chancellor 0 SkillPoints
Fallon Mystic 0 SkillPoints
Taylor Voronese Soldier 0 SkillPoints
Lewis Voronese Soldier 0 SkillPoints
Ortega Hrvancais Sniper 0 SkillPoints
Garamond Hrvancais Sniper 0 SkillPoints

Your only goal here is to run. Your movement is limited by a non-curable status, and both Duriken and Fallon are protected by Backfire status, which returns physical damage to the attacker. All party members must reach the specified 4x4 grid of glowing yellow tiles at the southern end of the map. Use Shove to move faster. Don't let anyone die or you'll get a Game Over. Try to keep your units spread out, and hopefully Duriken and Fallon will target each other instead of you. Using Tevoran's Berate every two turns along with Oksana to help him keep up with Haste is an effective way to flee. Since you won't be using your actions points to attack, you can also split your movement to have your characters strategically shove each other toward the exit zone.

If you feel the urge to kill Duriken and Fallon, remember to keep your units spread out. Corpses and Infernal Bolt are the most effective ways to deal damage, along with a Molotov or two, as your healers will need to spend their time healing.

Duriken and Fallon themselves are rather evenly matched: Duriken has a lot of health, whereas Fallon's siphonblast can drain the health of multiple units at once, in some cases even fully healing her. Both of them are way out of your league, so just let them fight it out between themselves.

Hopefully you got a flawless victory in this fight.


Episode FourteenEdit

Underground, Tunnel HoleEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Andore Corrupted Mutant 25 SkillPoints MediumArmor Turgid Vest
Oliver Corrupted Foreman 10 SkillPoints Item Burn Salve, Item Soma
Wonhu Corrupted Foreman 10 SkillPoints Item Slime Residue
Lopar Corrupted Miner 5 SkillPoints Item Slime Residue
Gubii Corrupted Miner 5 SkillPoints Item Glowing Fungus
Uguu Corrupted Miner 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets
Roni Corrupted Torchman 5 SkillPoints Item Stink Beacon
Ardo Corrupted Torchman 5 SkillPoints Item Strange Meat
Dagu Corrupted Torchman 5 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Nayas Corrupted Cave Spider 5 SkillPoints
Payech Corrupted Cave Spider 5 SkillPoints Item Spider Gland
Karpo Red Mushroom 5 SkillPoints
Muishi Red Mushroom 5 SkillPoints Item Grotesque Fungus
Nakhda Green Mushroom 5 SkillPoints Item Crystalline Fungus
Yinxi Green Mushroom 5 SkillPoints

Ah, the Subhumans! The primary thing which ought to catch your eye is the stash in the northmost corner. Within, you'll find the unique Staff Drain Staff for Vera along with the fabled Accessory Grotto Merkin, an accessory which prevents hallucination, choking, poison, and constraint. The Drain Staff's stats are nearly identical to the expensive Gold Staff available in the next interval, with the bonus of being free and draining any physical damage Vera happens to inflict (though that in itself is unlikely). To get there you have two ways: 1. Pile up some subhuman corpses or crates to create a set of stairs and have a character equipped with Arachnid Boots climb to the high platform, or 2. Stand in front of the switch with a chain hanging in front of it, activate the Transport Chain for 2AP and it will gently lift and carry your character to the high platform.

To avoid being trapped up there, pile some corpses near the southeast of that level to enable you to jump back down. Failing all else, there's a switch you can flip which will shove your unit back into the thick of things, though you won't like the fall damage incurred. Keeping a squishy support or ranged unit up here is also highly effective.

Stalactites will fall periodically, causing 40 damage to anyone they happen to impale. A bit of warning rubble will fall, and you'd do well to heed it!

There's a decent method of doing reliable damage, if you have a certain skillset. First, Tevoran needs Scold and Machination. Oksana with need Matronly Zeal, the Warden's Emblem, and Holy Storm. See where this is going? Equip the Warden's emblem on Oksana and have Tevoran Scold. At the start of the second turn, have Oksana switch to the Cross of Ecthain and unleash her Holy Storm upon the enemy group. Keep up the Scolding and she'll be able to blast the enemies for several turns in a row. But you'll have to watch every enemy regenerate tiny bits of health at the end of each turn. Have everyone else repel anyone that gets too close. When you feel safe, go ahead and grab the Drain Staff.

Vorona, Palace StepsEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Roger Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints 25 Zlotek
Jimbo Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints
Hengest Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints Item Jhurukian Pure
Rupert Voronese Grenadier 5 SkillPoints Item Canned Yams
Hines Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets
Trystan Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints 55 Zlotek
Salty Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Putrid Fern
Keis Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints
Nico Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Dr. Gheft's Burn Emolient
Turret #1 Machine 5 SkillPoints
Turret #2 Machine 5 SkillPoints
Smith Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Itch Powder
Mayer Voronese Soldier 5 SkillPoints Item Tepid Coffee
Cpt. Godwin Voronese Captain 10 SkillPoints Item Cactus Juice, Item Aurochs Jerky
Lt. Enoch Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints 72 Zlotek
Lt. Clase Voronese Officer 10 SkillPoints Item Slunk Nuggets, 25 Zlotek
Visser War Priest 5 SkillPoints Robe Bishop Robe
Wattson Bishop 10 SkillPoints Item Minion Ichor
Cain Assassin 10 SkillPoints ThiefOutfit Hidden Gear

Note that if you want to buy multiple copies of items such as the Sword of Blight, Titanium Pistol, and Shadow Dress, you need to buy a copy before this battle and a copy afterwards.

You've got a bevy of enemies in your face, but you're in luck! The residents of Vorona seek too to overthrow the increasingly insane monarch who rules them, and so you'll find some allies here.

Each door you see can be searched. The lowest yields the Shopkeeper, whose Confusing Tirade acts similarly to Tevoran's Enrage. Searching the second door from the bottom will grant you an Acolyte, who for all his faults serves as fine cannon fodder. At the topmost door, you'll meet the Streetwalker, who can both Beckon (draws enemies in like Zofia's Lewd Glance) and Grope (inflicts the Itch, similar to Tierva's trollops). Use them wisely, but recognize there's no penalty if they fall on the battlefield.

The civilians will drop items when killed, and if it may interest you to kill them before defeating the Voronese soldiers, the Shopkeeper will drop 50 Zlotek, the Acolyte will drop a Holy Beverage, and the Streetwalker has some Emerian Vintage.

For some reason, the Captain commanding this squad of soldiers has a different Tactical Order. Not only does it dispel Mockery and Enrage, it also increases Counter chance.

A combination of Encourage, Molotov, Lock Blast, and Holy Storm should easily be enough to take down the few soldiers that advance.

The Jhurukian Pure that the soldiers use isn't without it's side effects: After one-two turns they will Hallucinate, causing them to turn on their allies. Seems to act similar to Enrage.

Vorona, Palace InteriorEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Oskar King(?) of Vorona 40 SkillPoints Accessory Bloodstone Medallion
Rudolf Prince of Vorona 25 SkillPoints Accessory Arkanad Emblem
Linden Enchantress 10 SkillPoints ItemDemonic Upper, Item Sublime Opiate

This is the last opportunity you have to shop before the end of the game. Prepare accordingly.

The House of Arkany is able to act first, and they won't make it easy for you. At the start of the battle, Rudolf will be both Blown and Numb, and Linden will be reflecting physical damage for 2 turns. All three enemies are able to act twice per turn, so take them out quickly one-by-one before they deal too much damage.

Kill the Enchantress first to prevent her from continually spawning clones. Take Rudolf out next. Oskar will revive twice, becoming more powerful with each iteration, but without allies to back him up, he's a far lesser threat.

If you inflict Oskar with a status effect, for example, FrailFrail, it will carry over to his next form provided that your Break Bolt didn't knock him down. You'll want to use Break Bolt, as all of the enemies have high evade rates along with around 300 health each.

Strategy 1 (by infernape612)

While Linden's ability to clone herself seems dangerous, said clones only have 50 health and can be easily killed with a solid hit or two. The true threat is Rudolf, who has an AOE attack that can prevent your units from using items and skills. If your healers get hit by this, you can be crippled in a heartbeat. Cautiously approach up the left side on turn 1, staying out of Oskar's range. On turn 2, have everyone overwhelm Rudolf. If you've bought lots of AP+2 skills and use your specials, you should be able to get rid of him before he can start seriously ruining your day. Once he's dead, take out Linden and wound Oskar. You may wish to set things up so that each form is on the brink of death at the end of a turn, allowing you to only have to deal with his weaker forms while being easily able to finish them at the beginning of the next turn.

Strategy 2 (by thebrownlord)

If the king moves close to the pillar on the first move, you can easily trap him there with any two units, as he doesn't do too much damage in his first form (I'd advise on using Xera and Reynold, as they can both heal themselves if need be) . Use your main damage-dealers to kill the other two guys first, going with Rudolf first. Overwhelming him on the second turn is advised, but not really required (Funnily enough, I managed to get almost everyone constrained on the first two turns, but you can still manage to kill him by spamming quick saves). Do the same with Linden, and now position everyone near the king so they can attack twice in one turn, with your strongest melee units right next to him, making sure he still can't move (Let the gimp attack diagonally for this). Use Break Bolt and Innuendo to lower his defenses and evade, and then get the King to the lowest health you possibly can, and end the turn. Now, here comes the fun part: Use Martin's Encourage, and then use your melee units near the bottom to kill him as much as you can, healing if absolutely necessary, and spamming all the specials you possibly can. The king should've died three times, with room to spare, all in the same turn.

Vorona, Palace Throne RoomEdit

Name Type Points Drops
Duriken Chancellor 25 SkillPoints HeavyArmor Blackened Plate
Aizu(?) Strange Girl 0 SkillPoints

Unlike in Chapter 2, Duriken's attacks no longer affect the entire party, but rather inflict damage in a large radius. Make sure you keep your party from clustering close to each other. It should be noted that both Duriken and Aizu revive once each, with Aizu doing damage to everyone around her both times she's defeated, and Duriken becoming 25% stronger for the rest of the battle once "defeated" the first time.

You can simply out-heal the damage with Scold and double Multiheal from Tevoran, Oksana and Vera if you can't be bothered with spreading out.

Use Ysabel's Break Bolt on Aizu after she uses Recoil to quickly take her down. You will probably have to restart/save-scum the turn a few times in order to make it hit.

Simpler way for Chapter 1 and 2 players that garnered high skill points would be charging directly by taking entire party to forefront and use Tevoran's Enrage on Duriken to make him mindless. Aizu can also easily dealt with by having Ivan to corner her on the chairs.

My(jaffer duo) Chapter 3 videos:

Detailed information is in my video comments, just hope I can have more discussion with more people!