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Normal damage = (Attack - Defense) +/- 20%

Special damage = (Special Attack - Special Defense) +/- 20%

Hit Chance[]

Melee hit chance = Hit % - Evade %
                   + (20% for back attacks, 10% for side attacks)
                   + (between 20% and -20% based on height)
Ranged hit chance = Hit % - Evade %

Special hit chance = Special Hit % - Special Evade %

Obstacle Damage[]

Explosive damage = Obstacle Damage - Special Defense

Normal damage = Weight Based Damage (between 3.5 and 17)
                + Throw Power
                + (between 25% and -25% based on height)
                - Defense / 5

Additionally, obstacles always do at least 1 damage.

Obstacle Weight

Normal obstacle damage is based on unlisted weight values ranging from lightest (lantern obstacle) to heaviest (Redshield corpse) resulting in damage between 3.5 and 17.

Throw Power

Throw Power is unlisted and varies by unit ranging from 0% to 100%:

Low      (0%) Casimir, Aizu
Average (50%) Ysabel, Ivan, Vadim, Zofia, Martin
High    (75%) Tevoran
Max    (100%) Oksana, Reynold

General tips[]

Use the Set Direction command to adjust your units' facing at the end of your turn. Most enemies will attack a character's back or side whenever possible (receiving a 20% or 10% hit bonus respectively). Note that this can be used to your advantage when you want to call attention away from a vulnerable unit.

Shove is useful in positioning enemies to be attacked by characters that can hit multiple tiles. This is often a better strategy for weaker characters to use instead of using their own attacks.

Whenever possible, seek a height advantage. Simply standing on a pile of corpses will reduce enemy bonuses for back or side attacks.

Occasionally your view of tiles will be blocked by enemies, fallen bookshelves or other obstacles. In these cases, using the Cursor, located in the lower left of the screen, can be helpful. It can be used to target both movement and attacks.

At any point within a battle, if you click on one of your playable characters, and then click Details, you are able to purchase new active or passive skills to help you during combat. Since you do not necessarily need to wait until the next break point to acquire new skills, this is especially useful if you have the skill points to learn something you may need in the heat of the battle. This also applies to arming yourself with new equipment acquired in the battlefield. 

Remember you can reset your skills when you're out of battle, just click on the skills you learned and click "Forget" to get Skill Points back so you can spend them on the skills you need.

You can quick save the game in battle. In harder battles its suggested to save every turn, in wich Tevoran can use Mockery.

Keep in mind you only get so many zloteks. Think about whether or not a purchase will really help you before making it. Also note that armor drops more often than weapons and can be kept longer since you can hand them down.

It is worth noting that the game can be beaten with any set of skills, or even with no skills purchased at all. Don't expect it to be easy, though!

Party Members[]

Ivan Vaclav[]

Ivan has improved in the move from Chapter 1 to 2. He can now use 8-Directional Attack to strike from unexpected angles, and the increased availability of Skill Points lets him invest in Spear Plus to deal some good damage.

Ivan can equip Spears, Knuckles, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, Jackets, and all accessories. He joins at the start of Episode Five's second battle. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 1, he starts with a Guard's Spear, a Brass Knuckle, an Average Leather Jacket, the Holy Undergarments, 8-Directional Attack, Spear Plus, Selective Dexterity, and Avoidance.

  • + Fast movement speed with the Greasy Leather Jacket and Arachnid Boots.
  • + Has the highest range of any melee unit.
  • + Receives a free Guard's Spear early on.
  • + 8-Directional Attack lets him attack from awkward angles, and is free.
  • + His smoke storm attack can be used to weaken damage (accuracy) of several foes per attack and help teammates hit them.
  • + Can deal the most damage in the game spear tripleplus at a decently low SP cost, to up to 2 enemies at once.

Edwin Tevoran[]

Tevoran's role is almost completely unchanged. He still tanks hits and controls the battlefield with Mockery.

Edwin can equip Swords, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, and all accessories. He joins at the start of Episode Five's second battle. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 1, he starts with a Steel Sword, an Iron Sword, a Leather Vest, the Red Belt, Mockery, Brashness, and Suspicion.

  • + His physical defense is unparalleled.
  • + His Mockery skill will completely ruin enemy AI, allowing you a turn's reprieve to heal or go on the offensive. If he is far enough away, many enemies won't even attack him (out of range).
    • - Some monsters and automatons are immune to this skill.
  • - His evasiveness is the worst of any teammate.
    • + Given his high defense, he won't suffer too much from this.
  • - His SP only recharges at a rate of 4 per turn, slowing down use of his special moves.
    • + The new Warden's Emblem accessory can patch this weakness up quite handily.
    • + With the Warden's Emblem equipped the use of his Scold skill is extremely beneficial to the party's overall DPT (Damage Per Turn) especially in conjuncture with Casimir's Speed Dart skill and high damage skills on nearly all the other party members.
    • + In harder battles, if he has Warden's Emblem equipped, he can use Mockery every 2 turns. If he is kept out of range of enemies, he can literally cut the opponents' damage output in half.

Ysabel Tevoran[]

Ysabel has seen some improvements and some indirect nerfs in Chapter 2. Her Limb Breaker, previously one of her staple moves, is now useless against bosses, but her new Flameblast can seriously ruin their ability to use special moves.

Ysabel can equip Crossbows, Knives, Light and Medium Armor, Dresses, and all accessories. She is usable in Episode Five's first battle, and permanently rejoins at the start of Episode Five's fourth battle. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 1, she starts with a Reinforced Crossbow, a Switchblade, Padded Clothes, the Thief Gloves, Limb Breaker, Puissance, and Hostility.

  • + Decent ranged damage output.
  • + Limb Breaker stops an enemy cold for two turns. Enemy will start running out of battle once hit by this skill. They can be unable to attack for 3 turns this way - 2 turns stunned + 1 turn getting back to the fight.
    • - All bosses are immune to it now.
  • + She can inherit Vadim's knife after he leaves the party, and can loot a powerful Hitman's Dagger during the final battle.
  • + Flameblast can hamper bosses, and is vital to surviving the final boss and his extremely powerful SP attacks.
  • - Doesn't have much bulk. Keep her away from the front lines.


Vadim is still a very powerful unit - too powerful for his own good. He is a reliable companion up until Episode Eight, where he permanently leaves the party.

Vadim can equip Knives, Throwing Knives, Light and Medium Armor, Thug Gear, and all accessories. He joins at the start of Episode Five's second battle, and permanently leaves at the start of Episode Eight's first battle. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 1, he starts with a Steel Dagger, Throwing Needles, Padded Clothes, Boris' Ring, Throw, Kidney Jab, and Savagery.

  • + His defensive passives, Stealth Gear, Boris' Ring, and Brag can stack to give him 70% evasion. Good luck hitting him.
  • + Backstab allows him to deal impressive damage.
  • + The weapons he received in Chapter 1 will carry him clear through the game.
  • + Kidney Jab lets him shut an enemy down for a turn.
  • - His regular knife attack is locked to 1 range, and his throwing knives deal less damage than Casimir.
  • - He leaves the party at the start of Episode Eight.
    • + His equipment is returned to the inventory and can be used by Ysabel and Reynold and his skill points are refunded to the player, so any investment in him is not wasted.

Casimir Gheft II[]

Casimir receives some badly-needed buffs to his healing output, but so does Oksana, and he maintains his inferiority complex well into Chapter 2.

Casimir can equip Darts, Light Armor, and all accessories. He is usable in Episode Five's first battle, and permanently rejoins at the start of Episode Five's fourth battle. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 1, he starts with Sharp Darts, Padded Clothes, Tevoran's Belt, Healing Dart, Slow Dart, Precision, and Veteran Apothecary.

  • + His SP recharges at a rate of 6 per turn, upgradeable to 9 with his Alchemical Deity passive.
  • + His Slow Dart can affect all bosses except Rudolf and the final boss.
    • + His Speed Dart skill in conjuncture with Martin's Encourage skill is a HUGE asset to the party thus making him a extremely reliable support to your highest damaging character.
  • + He can heal status problems like poison or plague.
  • + He can be used to shove teammates or build barricades from light material.
  • + With regen darts and Blessed Girdle, his healing becomes very powerful, more so if enemy damage is spread out among a few party members.
    • - His healing output is still inferior to Oksana, and is generally only reliable for its consistency as a more or less continuous heal.
  • - He has no way to deal reliable damage.
    • + He can situationally deal out the most DPT of the team with Plague Dart.
  • - He is not strong enough to lift dead bodies without some kind of buff.
  • - He can take about as much punishment as a wet tissue.

Oksana Rospostiuk[]

Oksana is still a very powerful healer and damage dealer. Her equipment scales to allow her to have incredible Special Attack.

Oksana can equip Sickles, Maces, Light and Medium Armor, Robes, Dresses, and all accessories. She is usable in Episode Five's first battle, and permanently rejoins at the start of Episode Five's fourth battle. If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 1, she starts with an Iron Sickle, a Deacon Robe, the Blessed Girdle, White Bolt, Heal, Niendan Bear, and Unnatural Ardor.

  • + She has the best Special Attack, and her late-game Sickles and Robes, the Cross of Ecthain, and her passives can stack to make this stupidly high.
  • + White Bolt and its upgrades serve as a powerful ranged attack.
    • + She has the earliest available Area of Effect ranged attack, and the only enemy party-wide attack.
  • + Multiheal can heal the entire party at once.
  • + Reasonably bulky.
  • + Has some good buffs in Haste and Celestial Drive.
  • + Gets a free Consecrated Sickle late in Episode Seven and a free Iron Mace at the end of episode 5.
  • + Her SP recharges at a rate of 6 per turn, which can be upgraded to 9 with her Matronly Zeal passive.
  • - Most of her spells rely on her SP.
    • + If she runs dry, she can throw hard objects at enemies. This way, you can still do decent damage.
  • + One of the few Strong characters, who can naturally pick up heavy corpses and objects.


Aizu doesn't really do much for you. Her stats are low across the board, her skills are unimpressive, and she has no good gear to use. Her only good attribute is her Obscurity skill, which allows her to remain effectively invisible for an entire battle.

Aizu can equip Axes, Light Armor, Dresses, and all accessories. She joins at the start of Episode Six's fourth battle, is unavailable in Episode Seven's third battle, and permanently leaves at the start of Episode Nine's first battle.

  • + Obscurity makes her invisible for two turns, can be indefinitely maintained, and can be used to turn her into a makeshift blockade.
  • + Naturally regenerates 5 HP every turn.
  • - Poor stats all around, except for evade (base evade stat of 25%).
  • - No good gear for her.
  • - No skills for her to buy or upgrade.
  • - She leaves the party at the beginning of Episode Nine.
    • + Her equipment is returned to the inventory.

Reynold Chesterfield[]

Reynold is a melee unit who deals great damage. He has the most powerful attack in the game, Flying Roundhouse, and he is fairly bulky with high HP.

Reynold can equip Light and Medium Armor, Thug Gear, and all accessories. He joins at the end of Episode Seven's second battle.

  • + Great damage output.
  • + Best HP in the game and Medium Armor make him difficult to kill.
  • - He is permanently locked to 1 range.
  • - He cannot equip weapons to improve his attack, forcing his passives to pick up the slack.
  • + He is Strong, and can naturally pick up heavy corpses.
    • - Throwing corpses for damage is unreliable and depends on circumstance.
    • + His natural object throwing damage is higher than most other characters

Zofia Czartoryska[]

Zofia is your second ranged unit, though compared to Ysabel's emphasis on range, Zofia is more oriented towards damage output and crowd control. Her main advantage over Ysabel is her area-of-effect special attacks, which can devastate groups of enemies.

Zofia can equip Pistols, Light and Medium Armor, Dresses, and all accessories. She joins at the end of Episode Seven's fourth battle.

  • + Decent ranged damage output.
  • + Her Grenade and Molotov Cocktail can deal impressive damage to multiple enemies at the same time.
    • - Allies caught in the blast will suffer friendly fire. Use caution.
  • + She gets a free Silver Pistol right before she joins.
  • + Her Lewd Glance can cripple most bosses (excepting Sewer Shaman) for a turn, including the final boss.
  • - Doesn't have much bulk. Keep her away from the front lines.

Martin Oskarand van Arkanad[]

Martin is a bulky melee unit like Tevoran. He mostly does battlefield control with his Encourage skill, but his access to heavy armor means he can take a good bump or three.

Martin can equip Maces, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, and all accessories. He joins at the start of Episode Nine's first battle.

  • + Very bulky.
  • + His Encourage skill gives five AP to the whole party, letting them act several times in one turn.
    • - It costs a very expensive 16 SP to use.
    • + However, used in conjuncture with Tevoran's Scold ability, he can use encourage often.
  • - No skills for him to buy or upgrade.


Episode Five[]

Tiervan Jail, Outside[]

Name Type Points Drops
Floric Tiervan Captain 10 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets, 90 Zloteks
Bliksa Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points 40 Zloteks
Szydwo Tiervan Archer 5 Skill Points Item Soma

If a new game is started without an imported save from Chapter 1, you start with 120Skill Points, three Sardine Tins, three Somas, a Slunk Nugget, and a decent selection of skills and equipment.

In terms of skill purchases, Ysabel's Limb Crusher (75 Skill Points) is a fine upgrade to her already useful Limb Breaker. Ivan benefits from 8-Directional Spear (0Skill Points) and Spear Plus (40Skill Points) to give his otherwise uncontested SP some use.

Strategy , by Malfarence: Struggle and kill Bliksa as fast as possible, then stun and stasis Floric. After disposing of him, Szydwo will be a piss in the wind, as a slowing arrow or a stun and stasis can rape him quick.

Advice: This is the hardest battle in the game, because Casimir is fairly exposed, and you have no tank, so you have to use Oksana smartly.

Advice (ZenTrickster) If Oksana has the robe with 50% Arrow evade (the Priest Robe), she can safely tank with little trouble (you do have two healers after all). Oksana with White Bolt is also not a bad idea and can help with just enough DPS to bring down everyone in time.

Alternative (Cosmian): use initial moves to triangle-trap spear guard against the wall, where he will be unable to attack or move. Use Ysabel's limb-breaker to keep captain at bay and healers to mitigate archer damage. (You will probably take one hit from the captain early on, but should be able to handle it.) Whittle down the spear guard as you are able, and then head for the second level, continuing to use limb-breaker to keep captain back as necessary. Not a bad idea to toss the spear-guard's body to the second level, where Oksana may be able to use it to good effect against the other two.

Tiervan Jail, Inside[]

Name Type Points Drops
Olaf Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points 45 Zloteks
Swarth Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Spear Guards' Spear
Myslik Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Item Soma, 20 Zloteks
Veszno Tiervan Archer 5 Skill Points
Matthias Bronoi Thug 5 Skill Points Thug Gear Rogue Outfit
Big Frank Bronoi Thug 5 Skill Points
Kurva Tiendai Thug 5 Skill Points
Teodor Tiendai Thug 5 Skill Points 10 Zloteks

The three enemy groups will attack each other as well as Tevoran and Company. Any enemies killed by other enemies will yield their Skill PointsSkill Points and item drops at the end of the battle.

Using Tevoran's Mockery during this battle can be unwise, as it will cause the enemies to stop fighting amongst themselves.

Advice, by ZenTrickster

Many people make the assumption that Ivan is really bad because of his performance in Chapter 1. Don't make that mistake - he is AMAZING in this chapter. Be sure to grab 8-Directional Attack before the start of this battle. It make a world of a difference.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

First turn: Put Tevoran right in front of Myslik and Ivan back-to back with him. You may wound the guards or the bronois but be as far from the Tiendais as possible and be careful so that the guards only attack the thugs.

Second turn: Form a bulk. Vadim must stun the surviving thug, and Ivan and Edwin must restrain the guards from skewering by forming a row with them having the wall behind them. If done properly, they will only attack Tevoran.

Third turn: Kill one guard, wound the other, secure the side.

Fourth turn: Kill the remaining guard and prepare to kill the remaining thugs.

Fifth turn: Kill whatever thug is left and advance toward the second guard team while mocking. Stunning and wounding guards while doing this is recommended if possible.

Sixth turn: Mock and juxtapose corpse battle focused on the archer. It will be surrounded from two-three directions and will have his retreat cut (he can even be caught with a Spear Plus).

Seventh turn: Vadim must kill the archer with corpses, and will still be able to deal 22-26 to Olaf, which, already wounded, will fall immediately.

Advice, by Darkred

In my opinion, this fight is easier than the last one. You can easily rush down the Tiendai Thugs and the Archer and clean up the Bronoi Thugs when you're finished. Just spam Kidney Jab and Spear Plus on the enemies, and don't use Mockery. (Who would?)

Tiervan Jail, Cafeteria[]

Name Type Points Drops
Wilhelm Tiervan Shield Guard 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Fero Tiervan Shield Guard 5 Skill Points 50 Zloteks
Dennis Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Item Foot Grease, 20 Zloteks
Urosz Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Item Homemade Vodka
Radomir Tiervan Archer 5 Skill Points
Reinhart Tiervan Archer 5 Skill Points Medium Armor Tiervan Guard Gear, Item Gutter Ale

Shield Guards will not move until a player character comes with their attack range, or until they lose Hit Points. Beware their shove attacks - don't place any of your party members near a ledge.

Keep in mind you can pick up the various lamps in the room and lob them for explosive damage - 40 points in a 3x3 square.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

First turn: Wait next to the first lamp, then a group of three guards will come close.

Second turn: Throw the lamp, block the stairs with Tevoran, and ambush the spearmen. They will be in a pretty bad state.

Third turn: Stun Willhelm, kill Dennis and Urosz (employ the lamp from the closest table). If you didn't kill both, don't worry.

Fourth turn: Kill the other spearman with Tevoran if you didn't get to, or chase Radomir with Tevoran. Ivan and Vadim must stun and wound Willhelm.

Fifth turn: Get everyone in the lower pit to chase down Radomir.

Sixth turn: Keep chasing Radomir with Tevoran, and stun Willhelm. Ivan can either help Vadim or Ed depending on who he is closer to.

Seventh turn: By now Radomir is killed. Willhelm must be harassed, and try to get everyone on the stairs.

Eight turn: Get everyone closer to the stairs, mock, stun, and harass Wilhelm. The second lamp close to the stairs is good for the harassment.

Ninth turn: Even if you hunted down Radomir to the end of the pit, now your team is assembled at the middle of the stairs.

Tenth turn: Kill Wilhelm (finally) and conquer the stairs. Patch yourself up, then prepare for the last two.

The high amount of turns required to win this battle is due to the low unit/effectivetile.

After you've patched yourself up, chase the other two and do like this:

Wound one gravely, until he has less than 30 life, then drop him off the ledge. Careful so they don't do this on you.

Advice by shadow

While replaying the cafeteria map, I found that if you have Ivan stand directly in the middle of the table closest to the stairs, and you follow this up by aggravating the two shield guards with either a dead body or a lantern, both of the guards will stop right in front of the table on the stairs and then right a space away from ivan on the ground. This means you can attack both of them a total of four times with ivan without having to move him at all. Three times, if you use tevoran's mockery the turn right before the guard finally reaches ivan.

Tiervan Jail, Central Chamber[]

Name Type Points Drops
Lubomir Tiervan Warden 25 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets, Accessory Warden's Emblem, 250 Zloteks
Kresnik Tiervan Captain 10 Skill Points 50 Zloteks
Tomar Tiervan Shield Guard 5 Skill Points Item Korova Milk, 40 Zloteks
Klaus Tiervan Shield Guard 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets
Dervan Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Medium Armor Tiervan Guard Gear, 20 Zloteks
Loki Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Knuckle Iron Knuckle
Uther Tiervan Archer 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Cvetan Tiervan Archer 5 Skill Points Item Bull Testes

Tiervan Jail Central Chamber

Spawned units:

Name Type Points
Prodan Tiendai Thug 5 Skill Points
Stojak Tiendai Thug 5 Skill Points

Behind two of the doors you'll find lurking Tiervan Thugs. These are treated as enemies by the Tiervan Guards, who will attack any of them that happen to be nearby.

The Warden can be incredibly tough, but can be easily dispatched by shoving him off high ledges. If you're lucky, you can get a Tiendai Thug to stall him for 2-3 turns. But, if you aren't the ones to finish him off, that thug's skill points will be lost forever, how will you live without those 5 skill points?, your perfect run is ruined! (DUBIOUS, they should be recovered after the battle)

Door A: Mace Iron Mace
Door B: Tiendai Thug
Door C: Accessory Ecthain Cross
Door D: Tiendai Thug

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

First turn: Kill Uther and wound Loki, get the boys toward the doors.Mock.

Second turn: Get the Cross of Echtain, give it to Oksana, and give the Blessed Girdle to Casimir. Kill Loki.(not possible by the second turn)

Third turn: Kill Uther and Dervan. Wound Klaus with Oksana's Bolt.

Fourth turn: Release Stojak, stun Kresnik, retreat the boys toward Stojak's room and heal a little. Bring Casimir to heal Tevoran, arrow Cvetan with Ysabel and bolt Klaus with Oksana.

Fifth turn: Have Ivan kill Loki, Casimir heal him, Vadim stun Kresnik, he and Tevoran make way for Stojak to harass the Warden. Ysabel should descend the stairs and Oksana should finish Klaus.

By now there should be four guards left, you should get the other two doors with upper force, kill the other shield guard, Kresnik and when Lubomir is alone he can be stalled by Tevoran and bombed hard.

Note: The special Warden's Emblem you get from defeating the boss should be given to Tevoran. It allows him to use a special ability every other turn. Whether that is Mockery, Berate, Scold, or Enrage that is amazingly useful. (ZenTrickster, seconded by infernape612)

Strategy 2:

Prioritize a rendezevous between the two groups: Ysabel, Casamir, and Oksana are way too glassy to be left to fend for themselves, and the combatant group of Ivan, Tevoran and Vadim won't last long without healing.

It doesn't matter how, just don't let too many enemies get between you. And especially not the Warden. The best idea would be to have both sides rush the staircase (worst idea would be to have Ysabel, Casamir, and Oksana jump off the ledge), as it only has two archers on the top and a spearman and archer on the lower end, so making a break for it from both sides isn't a bad idea (If Ivan has the greasy leather jacket, he can act as a very good point man).

The Tiervan shield guard in the top right corner isn't a problem if you don't aggro him, he can be avoided by strategically showing characters off the short ledge instead of taking the staricase to the right. He can be dealt with later.

Once you have all your teammates together, things become a lot easier. How serendipitous! The staricase has suddenly become an excellent choke point.

Just let the enemies walk up. With Ivan, Tevoran and Vadim, you can have two units on point and substitute as needed (Oksana also works in a pinch), while Ysabel, Oksana and maybe even Casamir provide fire support. Healing is a given.

Ivan's 8 directional spear allows him to deal with enemies his partner might be having trouble with, and Vadim's kidney jab can also be used to stave off any enemies that get too close for comfort.

Alternatively, Tevoran can regularly mock the enemies from behind the meat shield to save the rest of their team an extra turn where no enemies will attack them.

Strategy 3 (Cosmian):

First turn: Ysabel crossbows Loki x 2. Casimir pushes Oksana off ledge and heals her. Oksana sickles Loki and shoves him over ledge. Tevoran, Ivan, and Vadim all head for the stairs, where Ivan spears Dervan.

Second turn: If possible, Casimir pushes Ysabel into range for crossbow x 2 on one of the archers. If not, he pushes her over the edge and heals her and she moves to attack. Note: you need to move Casimir back onto the top platform in order to avoid setting off Klaus, which would make things messier than they need to be at this point. Oksana moves to sickle the wounded archer. Vadim kidney jabs Kresnik (the captain) to prevent high-damage rapier thrust and moves back onto the stairs. Ivan and Tevoran also stick and move (up the stairs). Tomar will now be aggro'ed, so be careful not to put anyone in a position that will let Tomar knock them off a ledge, and try to set up a trap that will enable you to do the same to him.

Third turn: Vadim was left a bit exposed at the end of the last turn and will have taken some damage. Casimir shoves Ysabel off the ledge, and Ysabel moves into range to use limb-breaker on Loki, taking some of the heat off of Vadim. If the two archers are lined up blocking the path, Oksana moves forward and shoves the one on the outside, probably Uther, toward the guys. If your set up from the previous turn worked, Tevoran can hammer Tomar and Ivan can push him off the ledge, then move up to defenestrate Uther. The path up the stairs should now be clear. Vadim advances to the safest spot you can find for him, and Oksana multi heals the team (assuming more than one character has taken enough damage to make that a good play, which is likely at this point).

Fourth turn: This and the next turn are the key and somewhat tricky part: the Mockery Ledge Trap. Position Ivan and Vadim along the upper part of the stairway against the wall and move Tevoran onto the platform at the top, at the edge. Mock. The key is to place I, V, and T so that enemies will be forced to advance along the edge of the staircase in order to (try to) reach T. Very important: T should not have mocked yet, so he should be able to mock two turns in a row if necessary to trap the Warden. At this point, Cvetan will probably be behind your lines and Y, O, and C can all attack him.

Fifth turn: If everything has gone according to plan, Tomar, Dervan, the Captain, and the Warden should all be lined up on the outside of the stairs, with Ivan and Vadim against the walls. If the Captain and the Warden are at or near the top, I and V should push everyone off. If they are at the bottom, Tevoran should mock again and I and V should attack and shove Tomar and Dervan, who can be finished off by Oksana and Ysabel, respectively (and D may be killed by the fall). Check the Warden's movement range to make sure the trap is secure, and bring in O if necessary. Y and C attack Cvetan again and may finish him off this round. Warning: you are going to get hit hard this next round, but you should be ready!

Sixth turn: OK, Tevoran just got hammered. Now it's your turn. First, shove the Warden off the ledge. Do not attack him until later - you need to keep him alive long enough to take care of everything else on your list. Now have the three guys hit Kresnik and shove him off the ledge - you should be able to finish him this turn. Ysabel should move to target (and hopefully finish off Uther) if she can do so without setting off Klaus. Heal.

While the Warden is making his way back up the stairs, you should retrieve the iron mace, release and dispose of the thug, and reset the trap. After you spring the trap for the second time, move the team around to the other side of the platform, set off Klaus with Oksana's white bolt, and draw him toward Tevoran with mockery. You should be able to dispose of him fairly quickly (if you can keep the body around for flinging, so much the better).

Now reset the trap on this end of the platform and wait for the Warden to approach. Mock him into the trap, where you can now attack him before shoving him over the ledge - but be sure that he has enough HP left to survive the fall, because you still need to open the two doors below! When the Warden begins to climb the stairs, shove Ivan and Vadim over the ledge (ouch), with Ivan positioned for a double-spear-plus attack on the door. Vadim opens the door, Ivan hammers the thug, and attacks from above finish him off. Send Vadim toward the last door, which he will open on the next turn, and mock to keep the Warden coming toward Tevoran (Note: make sure that nobody is directly above the thug's door when it opens, because they may be jarred into falling off the ledge). When the Warden comes into range again, white bolts from Oksana (equipped with the Cross of Ecthain, now that Vadim has opened the final door) should be enough to finish him off. If not, he goes over the edge again, just for old time's sake.


Episode Six[]

Eastern Forest, Part One[]

Name Type Points Drops
Set Pigman 5 Skill Points Axe Iron Axe, 40 Zloteks
Mahakali Hell Spider 5 Skill Points
Gyges Spider 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland
Aigaion Spider 5 Skill Points
Kottos Spider 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland
Durga Spider 5 Skill Points
Bhairava Spider 5 Skill Points

Many enemies in this episode have attacks that deal poison damage; Casimir's Detox Dart (25 Skill Points) and Oksana's Purify (30 Skill Points) can help deal with this. You may also wish to purchase Tevoran's Bullet Cleaver (40 Skill Points) to protect against the rifle-wielding soldiers that dominate the second half of this episode and the second half of the next. Finally, many of the game's most powerful enemies have attacks that damage the entire party. The first of these appears as the boss of this episode, and Oksana's Multiheal (60 Skill Points), although expensive, will save your life.

Equipping Tevoran with the Warden's Emblem seems to be a good choice, since that way he can use his powerful skills Mockery/Berate/Scold/Enrage more often. If he is loaded up to 20 SP he can use mockery three times in a row, which can win some battles rather easily if the rest of the party has enough damage potential.

You can choke off the majority of incoming enemies using the bridge closest to you - just leave your tankiest party member on the bridge and watch as they try to funnel in vain. This is also a great opportunity to make use of Ivan's spear's long reach, along with Ysabel's crossbow. Please note that you cannot (unfortunately) push enemies into the river or water.

Strategy suggestions by loshi1505:

  • Suggestion A:

Since this is your first battle with Tevoran hopefully having the Warden's Emblem equipped it is HIGHLY beneficial to your party if you give Scold to Tevoran and Speed Dart to Casimir as it give more AP and SP to your entire party!!!! Also, if you give the Haste skill to Oksana you can even have more movement on a character than you usually would (though I do still suggest giving her the Heal skill for now {or better yet Heal Burst} as she's a better healer and support than she is damage dealer), and to top it off you could make all the other party members go a simple high damage spec to deal insane amounts of damage in that turn, the next turn, AND the one after that! (This build works significantly better when Martin joins the party as his Encourage skill if used before Speed Dart can give a character or two a crazy 22 AP!!!!! But that's much later in the game. :p )

  • Suggestion B:

On this level, you can stack the spider bodies all on top of each other to completely stop one of the bridges from being used in the next battle. Note Malfarence's strategy below.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

1: Have Tevoran block the river, Ysabel and Oksana wound Gyges and Kottos, and Ivan and Vadim prepare to take the brunt of Gyges's attack.

2: Have Tevoran kill Kottos, Ysabel stun Makahali, and Vadim and the others kill Gyges and wound another.

3: Kill Bharaiva, medium wound Durga. Kill Aigaion with Tevoran. Begin building a spider corpse tower in front of Tevoran.

4: Kill Durga, wound Set.

By now kill Set and Makahali which have no chance of taking your perfect victory. Have the tower built in front of Tevoran.

Eastern Forest, Part Two[]

Name Type Points Drops
Varahi Pigman Lord 5 Skill Points Item Pigman Horn, 85 Zloteks
Buta Pigman 5 Skill Points 45 Zloteks
Rusa Pigman 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Khaluf Pigman 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Ungoli Hell Spider 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland
Benzai Hell Spider 5 Skill Points
Indra Spider 5 Skill Points
Bael Spider 5 Skill Points

Remember to use the aforementioned bridge-choke tactic here (you should use the opposite bridge this time).

Strategy 1, by Malfarence: If you used my strategy on the previous battle, the chieftain is blocked, so you have less to worry about.

1: Put Tevoran in front of the bridge, with Ysabel and Ivan to his side. With the other three it will seem tempting to have them dodge Ungoli, but doing so will allow the enemy to enter your perimeter easily. Have Vadim, Oksana and even Casimir attack Khaluf. If you worry for Casimir, send him a little behind or in an arm's length to aid any wounded. You may mock, but it's fairly useless in this battle.

2: Stun Khaluf and slow Ungoli. Wound Bael.

3: Kill Bael and Ungoli, wound Benzai.

4: Kill Benzai, wound the two boars by replacing Tevoran with Ivan. Heal. Stun Indra.

5-6: Kill the three boars and the last spider. By now sending Oksana, Ivan and Ysabel will kill Varahi without receiving a small wound.

Eastern Field, Part One[]

Name Type Points Drops
Cpt. Arthur Voronese Captain 10 Skill Points Item Foot Grease, 225 Zloteks
Lt. James Voronese Officer 10 Skill Points Item Soma, 150 Zloteks
Holden Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 65 Zloteks
Umbard Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points Item Soma, 30 Zloteks
Earendil Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 40 Zloteks
Willy Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points Light Armor Voronese Uniform, 45 Zloteks
Ethelric Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points Item Antivenom
Clovis Priest 5 Skill Points Item Holy Beverage

Voronese Grenadiers are extremely deadly for their antigroup capabilities, and for the fact that they rely on "Special Attack" damage rather than normal damage. Bear in mind, however, that they generally won't hesitate to grenade their own allies (assuming that they don't move out of the way first). You should especially take care of their self-destruction attack, which they'll use when they're low on hp.

In the upper portion of the map, you'll find the merchant's poorly hidden stash, which contains Light Armor Bulletproof Clothes and 250 Zloteks.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence: This battle is recognized as one of the hardest ones, so you must play all cards well. Tevoran is your MVP here, his health level is your team's health level. Equip him with Holy Undergarments or Warden's Emblem (preferably the latter), Bulletproof Clothes as soon as you get them, and use Vadim or Ivan+Foot Grease+Greasy Jacket+Berate to take the chest in one turn. It is mandatory for Tevoran, as well as getting him Bullet Cleaver.

Paranoia is very recommended for him, too. Also make sure to KO the grenadiers when possible, and to stun Lt. James when you have the occasion. First priority is Clovis, I've seen how hard the battle is made by him.

Turn 1: Send Ivan towards the chest with Foot Grease and advance everyone forward, wounding whatever possible.

Turn 2: Mock and focus on whomever you can, killing him.

Turn 3: Chances are that the captain's order dispelled their enrage but after a part of them attacked Tevoran. This split the damage. It's time to kill whoever is the most exposed and stun the grenadiers. If there aren't less than 8 enemies by now you are in danger.

Turn 4: Take out the most vulnerable enemy and take care of Tevoran quickly. Seeing as Ivan is by this turn deployed, tanking is easier by now and he is even charged up to use his specials.

Turn 5: Mock and hold on well. It is possible you killed a third soldier by now, but Edwin is highly threatened.

Turn 6: Stun and heavily wound Arthur. He is a pain in the ass. Don't kill him, it would be a waste of healpower which can be used to heal Tevoran.

Turn 7: With a power chain you will be able to kill the captain and a grenadier this turn, making it 6 on 3-4. Mock too...

Turn 8: You will have the opportunity to kill someone, and to stun another one. Do it.

Turn 9: Kill another one and wound the last one-two.

Turn 10: By my experience, here's when it ends.

Alternative Strategy (Cosmian):

To use this strategy effectively, you will need to have invested in Oksana's special abilities, specifically Holy Blast, Multiheal, and all the SP boosts up through Matronly Zeal. Also Tevoran's Mockery, Ysabel's Limb-breaker, and Vadim's Kidney Jab.

Turn 1: Retreat everyone back up the hill, except Vadim, who should pull back onto the . Ivan will be heading for the chest, Casimir will be positioned to give him a push on his way, and Tevoran will be heading for the top of the hill, a bit removed from the others so that he can Mock more effectively, but close enough that Casimir can support him with healing. Prepare Oksana and Ysabel to move back down the hill to use their ranged attacks on turn 3.

Turn 2:Tevoran pulls even further back, between the tree and the well, to prevent him from taking too much damage before he gets the bulletproof clothes. Ivan continues toward the chest. Casimir follows to give him a double-push on his way, then moves back to support Tevoran when he mocks. Everyone else holds their position.

Turn 3: Ivan opens the chest. Tevoran equips the Bulletproof clothes and Mocks. Casimir heals Tevoran. Oksana comes down the hill and uses Holy Blast on the clump of soldiers that should have formed on the hillside. Ysabel comes down the hill and uses Limb-breaker on one of the grenadiers. Vadim closes in and attacks the clump from the other side.

Turn 4: Tevoran mocks again and Casimir heals him. Oksana uses Holy Blast twice on the soldiers, who should still be clumped up very nicely. Y and V aim to kill one of the soldiers and one of the grenadiers and stun the other grenadier and the lieutenant.

Turn 5: Tevoran mocks again and remains near the top of the hill. Casimir begins to come down the hill to heal whoever is in range and seems to need it. O, Y, and V continue to press the attack. Keep bringing Ivan back into the picture.

Turn 6: Tevoran comes down the hill. Casimir comes closer to provide healing. O, Y, V, and I should go hard to take out the second grenadier, the one who was stunned in turn 3. Do not leave him with just a few HP, though, unless you are able to stun him. If possible, O should attack with bogo-tosses and save SP for a multi-heal on the next turn.

Turn 7: Oksana multi heals and Tevoran moves and mocks to draw enemies into range. Everyone else sort of does what they can, but the battle should have swung pretty decisively in your favor at this stage (6 against 4 with none of your team in critical danger, and you controlling the center).

Endgame: Keep working and try to get it down to 6 against 3, probably leaving the two officers and the priest. Start targeting one of the officers. They should come down pretty quickly once you're able to focus your efforts on them. Once you've taken out the two officers, pile bodies on the first and third bridges from the bottom of the field. With those bridges blocked and Aizu blocking the third, you will have a significant advantage at the start of the next battle.

Eastern Field, Part Two[]

Name Type Points Drops
Cloaked Woman Mystic 25 Skill Points Item Grotesque Fungus, Accessory Onyx Necklace, 750 Zloteks
Malacoda Pigman Lord 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland, Medium Armor Chain Leather
Doloro Pigman 5 Skill Points Item Pigman Horn
Bolgio Pigman 5 Skill Points Light Armor Voronese Uniform
Ciriatto Pigman 5 Skill Points
Donatien Hrvancais Sniper 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets, 95 Zloteks
Eveque Hrvancais Sniper 5 Skill Points
Marco Hrvancais Sniper 5 Skill Points 45 Zloteks
Ferdinand Hrvancais Sniper 5 Skill Points Item Soma

Hold on to the Onyx Necklace you receive from the Cloaked Woman; it will come in handy during the two sewer chapters in Episode Nine.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Keep the equipment unchanged until phase two. Have Multiheal and Echtain Cross on Oksana.

Even though you are exposed and suffer from height disadvantage and have to face those strong pigmen, they are less dangerous than the snipers. Those are the pain in the ass. And the Miasma that may erase your sissies doesn't help much.

Your only consolation is that Donatien and Eveque are close by.

Phase 1:

Turn 1: Kill Eveque, Mock.

Turn 2: Kill Donatien and counter the Miasma with a Healburst. Careful, leave only Tevoran and Ivan exposed, and direct the damage towards them.

Turn 3: Kill one pigman, mock, and re-outfit Tevoran with a steel plate.

Phase 2:

Turn 1: Kill another pigman and wound one sniper. Send Tevoran inside their formations.

Turn 2: Kill a sniper and wound and stun a pigman.

Turn 3: Kill a pig or gravely wound and stun another.

Turn 4: Kaput the last pigmen .Stasis or slow the last sniper.

Turn 5 and 6: Finish the last sniper. After that:

Phase 3:

Put Oksana on SP saving duty, and hunt the mystic down with everyone. We've got no further strategy other than that, because she generates too many possibilities, teleporting like she does. ANYWAYS: Remember that Slow works against her, and cliff falls are something she should experience.

Note (Cosmian): Aizu's Obscurity power can actually do a lot to help you on this battle. On the first turn, activate Obscurity and move Aizu to block the bridge. This will prevent two of the pig men (including the pig man lord) from entering the action and attacking any of your characters. And in fact, if you equip Aizu with the iron axe, she will be able to whittle down the two pig men quite a bit while your other characters deal with the snipers and other pig men. Just make sure that you keep up Aizu's obscurity and don't place any of your other characters where they can be targeted by the pig men that Aizu is blocking, because then Aizu can get hammered, too.

Alternative strategy (Cosmian):

Turn 1: Activate Aizu's Obscurity and move her to block the second bridge. If you followed my suggestions above, all three of the lower bridges will now be blocked. Send everyone else to kill Eveque. Try not to leave Casimir in an exposed position, or have Tevoran mock to protect him.

Turn 2: If the Cloaked Woman used Miasma, counter with Multiheal. Kill Donation. Have Y stun the approaching pig man.

From here on out, go after the sniper and pig man above with T, I, and V, with C providing support (detox and healing). When they've taken care of those two, they can start to pressure the Cloaked Woman, which will tend to discourage her from using Miasma. (Ivan could also be left below to attack the pig men on the bridge with diagonal spear.) A continues to block, and O and Y can start to work on the other sniper (control with Limb Breaker) and remaining pig men, who are sitting ducks. (Be careful about using O's SP too freely, however, as you will want to be ready to counter Miasma when necessary.) The Cloaked Woman can be a pain, but if you've got the pigs in the pen this fight should be quite manageable.


Episode Seven[]

Train to Vorona, Luxury Car[]

Name Type Points Drops
Reuben Hillman (Type A) 5 Skill Points 50 Zloteks
Tank Hillman (Type A) 5 Skill Points Item Homemade Vodka, 20 Zloteks
Jug Hillman (Type A) 5 Skill Points
Floyd Hillman (Type B) 5 Skill Points
Eustis Hillman (Type B) 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Chaw Hillman (Type B) 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks

The next two episodes do not require any significant new skills, so feel free to upgrade the skills you already have. Some good choices are Ivan's Spear Doubleplus (80 Skill Points) and Spear Tripleplus (80 Skill Points), Ysabel's Hostility (35 Skill Points) and its upgrades, Casimir's Regen Dart (60 Skill Points) and Veteran Apothecary (30 Skill Points) and its upgrades, and Oksana's Healburst (60 Skill Points) and Unnatural Ardor (30 Skill Points) and its upgrades.

It`s worth noting that during this interval you can buy some more "exotic" and rare consumables like: Korova milk, Homemade Vodka, Phorian Optiate, Gatormoose Tooth and Jhurukian Upper.

During the battle, use the objects lying around to block the Hillmen in either the front or back of the car. This halves the amount of enemies you'll have to deal with.

It is suggested to rush one side of the room before you're caught fighting two fronts.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Turn 1: Trap the northern ones with Ivan, Tevoran and Aizu. Kill the southern ones with Oksana, Ysabel, Vadim and Casimir's full prejudice. Mock.

Turn 2: Wound them again.

Turn 3: Kill whichever two you want.

Turn 4: Kill another 2-3.

Turn 5: Checkmate.

Train to Vorona, Boxcar[]

Name Type Points Drops
Reynold Hillman Master 25 Skill Points Item Bull Testes, 235 Zloteks
Jethro Hillman (Type A) 5 Skill Points
Bull Hillman (Type A) 5 Skill Points Light Armor Padded Clothes, 25 Zloteks
Piles Hillman (Type A) 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Tater Hillman (Type B) 5 Skill Points 30 Zloteks
Bimmy Hillman (Type B) 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Japheth Hillman (Type B) 5 Skill Points Item Soma

Keep in mind that while you can rush melee party members (i.e. Tevoran) into the crowd, the enemies can use "Tornado Spin" to get your melee attackers mixed up in the crowd.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Give Tevoran Red Belt, Retaliatory Strike and Plate Armor. He will be unbeatable.

Turn 1: Employ smart shoving and kill Jethro. Wound Tater in the process.

Turn 2: Kill someone else and mock. Another one should be dead by now.

Turn 3: Kill Tater.

Turn 4: Kill two and slow Reynold.

Turn 5: Kill the last one and Reynold.

Masori, South District[]

Name Type Points Drops
Cpt. Brand Voronese Captain 10 Skill Points Item Canned Yams
Lt. Bartleby Voronese Officer 10 Skill Points 120 Zloteks
Lt. Morgan Voronese Officer 10 Skill Points 60 Zloteks
Miles Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points
Briggs Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 12 Zloteks
Dunkel Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 20 Zloteks
Logan Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points Item Sardine Tin, Item Tepid Coffee
Linus Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points
Tonis Mercenary 5 Skill Points 70 Zloteks
Xerxes Mercenary 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Mickler Mercenary Archer 5 Skill Points
Paavo Mercenary Archer 5 Skill Points 30 Zloteks


Spawned units:

Name Type Points
Miller Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points
Dale Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points

Your new unit, Reynold, is a melee unit with very good damage output; his Valor (40 Skill Points) and Gallantry (80 Skill Points) are good skills to invest in.

A good idea would be to have Tevoran stay back and use mockery; as long as you can keep the enemies away from him, he shouldn't take any significant damage, and the others will be safe from attack, while at the same time be close to the enemy lines, where they can break them apart. Another option would be to have two tanks choking off the leftmost slope; this wall will prevent most of the enemies from getting to you, as they will usually try to rush directly at your main force. No matter what tactic you use, Ysabel has a great vantage point, and can deal quite a bit of damage. Note that you should prevent last grenade and tactical order at all costs, as they can deal massive damage and cause them to be impossible to hit. Adept shot is a pain, but it can easily be dealt with if you have purify.

The two mercenaries that will attack from the left can ruin your formation, so you should have someone take care of them, preferably Reynold, but Ivan works too, and even Vadim if you prefer the evasive character tactics. Reynold can deal a lot of damage, and if you have flying roundhouse or hidden fist, you can hurt them and knock them off the ledge for even more damage. This will also delay them a bit if they're somehow still alive.

Bulletproof Vest is a must-have in this battle, as most of the enemies rely on guns and bows. It can be used to support tanking characters, or just to improve someone's defense. Tevoran's Bullet Cleaver works just as well.

Flamebow for Ysabel is good to have if you want a raw damage output, and it's upgrade, Flameblast is also handy for cutting SP regeneration and in so crippling most soldiers' attacks. Depending on your fighting style, Oksana can learn a variety of healing and special attacks.

If you've been playing defensively for a majority of the battles, drop it for this and the next battle, because there are a lot of enemies, and every enemy killed makes your life a little easier.

Door A: Dagger Refined Knife
Door B: Voronese Soldier
Door C: Voronese Soldier
Door D: Accessory Regenerative Cloak
Door E: Item Jhurukian Upper, 300 Zloteks

Masori, Zofia's Fortress[]

Name Type Points Drops
Bernard Redshield 10 Skill Points 300 Zloteks
Claude Redshield 10 Skill Points Heavy Armor Refined Plate Armor
Cpt. Conrad Voronese Captain 10 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets
Lt. Milton Voronese Officer 10 Skill Points 50 Zloteks
Sanford Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points Item Gatormoose Tooth
Drederic Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points
Lorne Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points Item Bull Testes
Otto Priest 5 Skill Points 20 Zloteks
Extandi Mercenary 5 Skill Points

Spawned units:

Name Type Points Drops Spawn Turn
Trenton Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points Item Soma 2
Lt. Ichabod Voronese Officer 10 Skill Points 4
Sven Priest 5 Skill Points Sickle Consecrated Sickle, Item Tepid Coffee 5
Corbert Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 7
Manfred Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points Item Burn Salve 7
Cpt. Fitz Voronese Captain 10 Skill Points Pistol Silver Pistol 9
Lt. Nolan Voronese Officer 10 Skill Points 80 Zloteks 9

Objective: Survive 10 turns.

Defeating the enemies is not necessary, but is worthwhile for the points and valuable loot they yield. More enemy units will spawn periodically. Keep in mind that if you fight this battle intelligently and aggressively, it is perfectly possible to defeat all of the enemies before the turn limit expires.

At the northwest wall there are two switches; using them will trigger explosives. It is recommended to lure enemies on the east (mined) path by sending everyone to that path, except someone like Oksana who will trigger the explosives (and store SP and use Holy Storm/Celestial Drive to help the team from afar) and Aizu who will block northeast path by herself (enemies will not able to pass through her nor they will able to kill her as long as Obscurity is active). Alternatively, you could use Vadim with brag and/or various evade boosting equips and skills to block the Northern path, however this would require a healer, and that means Casamir or Oksana will not be able to provide as much support for the rest of the team.

If you haven't invested in offense then the best way to dish out damage on this stage is corpses. If you can chain together multiple throws you can wrack up much more damage than you normally could with just straight up attacks. (Note: This doesn't apply to Reynold unless you can corner an enemy and chain-throw a Redshield.) The more corpses you have the more damage you can deal per turn.

Another strategy would be to have a heavy attacker and a healer to block the Northern path, such as Ivan or Reynold, and push forward. The rest of the party can push the enemies from the south-eastern side, and then trap any remaining enemies on the large bridge with a pincer attack between the north and South. However, this strategy involves a lot of healing, so Oksana and Casimir's SP would be strained somewhat. Claude's Horrific Bellow can be countered by a Celestial Drive by Oksana if necessary.

General tips form Szafirmag:

-If you want to have change to overwhelm enemies in this battle it`s important to take down Claude quickly, because his Horrific Bellow destroy your DPS significantly. To do it use movement buffs to bait him near mine (edge of his movement and attack range). This allows you to take him down in 2 turns with the help of the mine even with no skills purchased at all.


Episode Eight[]

Underground, Tunnel Hole[]

Name Type Points Drops
Chauncey Foreman 10 Skill Points Item Soma, Medium Armor Leather Vest
Harbn Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points
Shemp Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points Light Armor Miners' Trousers
Tanstafl Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points Item Eel Extract
Yoni Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets
Ufufu Subhuman Torchman 5 Skill Points Item Burn Salve
Pummel Subhuman Torchman 5 Skill Points Item Bull Testes
Drong Subhuman Torchman 5 Skill Points

Tunnel Hole Stalactites

Vadim's equipment will return to the party inventory, and his points can be distributed to the other party members. Searching his body will yield ItemPhorian Opiate and ItemFoot Grease. Your new unit Zofia is a ranged attacker with some incredibly powerful area of effect attacks; consider purchasing her Prurience (40 Skill Points) and Debauchery (80 Skill Points).

Stalactites will periodically fall onto the map, causing up to 40 damage to any character they hit. They'll fall on the turn indicated in the image to the right, at the start of the enemies' portion of the turn.

If you can successfully force enemies under stalagmites, they will take lots of damage, and be shoved to the side; this can be especially useful if the enemy falls down a ledge, not only will it delay them, but anyone stuck in the hole is in trouble if the only exit sealed off. Think of it as an pot they can't escape, where you can just pick them off. Note that the Subhumans can jump onto ledges much higher than you, so they have more movement options. There is a powder keg in the top corner of the map which has a wide blast when thrown.

Strategy (Cosmian): With the appropriate upgrades, and using Oksana's Haste on Ivan and Reynold, it is possible to eliminate the Foreman on the first turn. If you can do this, strategic use of Mockery and the right balance of caution and aggression will enable you to win the battle without taking any damage at all.

Underground Cavern, Part One[]

Name Type Points Drops
Lilith Corrupted Spider 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland
Sudhri Corrupted Spider 5 Skill Points
Turiya Hell Spider 5 Skill Points
Zath Hell Spider 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland
Anani Hell Spider 5 Skill Points
Dark Slime 5 Skill Points Item Slime Residue
Dark Slime 5 Skill Points
Slime 5 Skill Points
Slime 5 Skill Points

Slimes will spawn from a certain point on the map. Unlike normal slimes (those appearing at the start of the battle), these enemies yield no points when defeated. A secret item, the Accessory Arachnid Boots, can be found near the bottom center of the map; look for the dimly flashing item next to a mushroom. If Ivan still has the Greasy Leather Jacket from Part 1, these two items can stack to give him excellent mobility. Haste can also help if you want to stay away from enemies, as normal characters moving normally cannot hope to escape a Spider's superior movement distance and jump.

Strategy (Cosmian): Using Berate plus the right combo of attacks (and shoving), it is possible to kill four of the five spiders and stun the fifth (Sudhri) in the first two rounds, without taking damage from any of them. The ranged slimes will still be a bit of a pain, but that point, the field will be tilted decisively in your favor.

Underground Cavern, Part Two[]

Name Type Points Drops
Pechurk Purple Mushroom 5 Skill Points
Grzhib Purple Mushroom 5 Skill Points Item Crystalline Fungus
Sien Blue Mushroom 5 Skill Points Item Grotesque Fungus
Goba Blue Mushroom 5 Skill Points
Edderko Corrupted Spider 5 Skill Points
Vaire Corrupted Spider 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland
Iktomi Hell Spider 5 Skill Points
Gumo Hell Spider 5 Skill Points Item Spider Gland
Dark Slime 5 Skill Points Item Slime Residue
Slime 5 Skill Points Item Slime Residue

Similar to the previous battle slimes will spawn from two points on the map, and likewise they yield no points when defeated.

You should place a spider corpse three squares away from top left corner of the higher area (It should be at the very edge of where Sien can move and line up with Grzhib) to prevent an assault from two sides. If you have done what was said above you can safely shove the mushrooms off the cliff to temporarily remove them from the fight and possibly kill them safely.

Blue Mushrooms will explode upon death, inflicting ChokingChoking status (-25% Hit/Evade) while Purple Mushrooms explode when reduced to 30 Health Points, causing StunStun and StasisStasis. Kill these abominations using ranged attacks, or Ivan's spear. If two mushrooms are near each other, a chain reaction can be caused when one of them explodes, dealing enough damage to cause the other one to explode.

Strategy (Cosmian): While Tevoran's Mockery is useless in this battle, Berate is invaluable, both for getting the team out of range at the beginning of the fight and for maneuvering attackers into position on the sometimes wonky terrain. With careful positioning and well-coordinated attacks, it is possible to eliminate almost all of the enemies before they can attack you.

Underground Station[]

Name Type Points Drops
The Howler Mutant Foreman 25 Skill Points Claw Foreman's Claws
Hrudu Foreman 10 Skill Points Item Grotesque Fungus
Dink Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points Item Burn Salve
Gomi Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points Item Moldy Bread
Bludge Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points
Lump Subhuman Miner 5 Skill Points
Baz Subhuman Torchman 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Ahou Subhuman Torchman 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets
Durak Subhuman Torchman 5 Skill Points Item Gatormoose Tooth
Dill Subhuman Torchman 5 Skill Points
Turret 5 Skill Points
Turret 5 Skill Points

The turrets will attack any character, player or enemy, who ventures too close to them. While they are generally not too reliable for dealing damage to the enemy, they can make a great distraction for 1-2 turns.

At the beginning of the battle, they'll generally split into two groups - one group with both foremen will hit the left and the rest will hit the right. You can try blockading the left ramp using throwable objects and Aizu (plus her Obscurity skill) which is guaranteed to render the foremen helpless. You can also try blockading the middle cliff (remember that subhumans jump very high) by placing your ranged/support units at the ledge. The majority of them should file in from the right, which can be handled easily with melee attackers. Keep in mind a few might leak via the far left cliff.

If you can block the left, the turret can be depended on to deal some steady damage. Use Ysabel and Zofia to strafe the enemies below, and have a heavy attacker with haste or arachnid boots go down and kite the enemies, this works well with Ivan, especially if he also has greasy leather jacket. Casamir's fast darts are a fine addition if you want more hits. There is also a powder keg near your team which pretty much acts as a Molotov when thrown.

As of the end of Chapter 2, the Foreman's Claws cannot be equipped by any party member. Chapter 3 gives Ivan the ability to wield Claw-type weapons, so if you have a little patience he can get a nice upgrade to his damage in Episode 10.

Note (Cosmian): By carefully blockading the top level (Aizu, crates and barrels, team members along the edge) and using Mockery plus Lewd Glance on the two bosses, it is possible to win this battle without taking any damage from the miners (you may still get hit by the turrets).


Episode Nine[]

Vorona, Palace Dungeon[]

Name Type Points Drops
Rudolf Prince of Vorona 25 Skill Points Accessory Avant-Garde Scarf, Item Jhurukian Upper, 256 Zloteks
Horace Voronese Officer 10 Skill Points 120 Zloteks
Albert Bishop 5 Skill Points 20 Zloteks
Thorvinn Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points Light Armor Voronese Uniform
Detlev Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 45 Zloteks
Broun Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points Item Canned Yams
Neal Voronese Grenadier 5 Skill Points

Keep in mind that if you wish to have multiple copies of the Cold Sword for the dual wielding Tevoran, the Refined Mace for Oksana and newcomer Martin, and the Violence Dress for 2 of your female characters, you must purchase a copy before this battle and another copy afterward.

Throughout this episode, you should make a priority of purchasing Ysabel's Flamebow (40 Skill Points) and Flameblast (80 Skill Points) and Zofia's Lewd Glance (50 Skill Points); Rudolf has many powerful attacks that make use of his SP and is immune to most disabling status effects, but Lewd Glance's Enamored effect will hamper his ability to use them. Other good purchases are Casimir's Walking Pharmacy (60 Skill Points), Alchemical Deity (90 Skill Points), and Regen Dart (60 Skill Points), as well as Oksana's Unnatural Fervor (60 Skill Points), Matronly Zeal (90 Skill Points), and Healburst (60 Skill Points) to improve your healing capabilities.

Buffs that increase movement speed can work particularly well for this battle, because your height disadvantage and the two grenadiers make rushing the enemy position a necessity.

The party might benefit from equipment with Special Defense bonuses, since there are quite a few special attackers here.

Boss Breakdown: Puerile Whimper can be troublesome, since it slows all party members and effectively halves their damage output. Since it counts as an attack, you might want to avoid using Mockery during this fight, as it will only make Rudolf use it more often (It's essentially a ranged attack). If possible, use Lewd Glance instead. Multiheal is useful for mitigating Puerile Whimper's flat damage, but being inflicted with slow is probably the greatest challenge. Casamir's speed darts help immensely, as does Martin's Encourage. Note that fast negates slow, but Inspired does not.

Stage Advice by Ghasting:

As a rule of thumb, Encourage is a phenomenal skill, and this fight strongly compliments the fact by providing the perfect boss for its debut. Rudolf's Puerile Whimper can cripple the party pretty severely, but Encourage counteracts the effects of party wide slow with party wide Inspired (That's called good game design, folks).

The map itself is actually not too big, but all the enemies start with high ground, and it's a long and convoluted path to get up to them. Ranged units are essential, so I'd suggest investing in damage output for Ysabel, Zofia, and Oksana.

The two Voronese Soldiers aren't much of an issue; their damage output is average, and they can be killed relatively quickly since they start close and clumped up.The Bishop's multiheal can drag out the fight, which gives Rudolf more opportunities to spam his specials. There aren't many ways to handle Rudolph either, even though he starts within range of most of your ranged units. Immunity to Stun and Burning means that Ysabel can't really silence him, and you just have to deal with his whining. Try not to use Mockery if Rudolf has a lot of AP; he will most likely use Puerile Whimper and make the next two turns insufferably slow. Lewd Glance is the best counter.

I'd say the best thing to do during this fight is to hit as hard and fast as soon as possible. Unload with ranged units on turn 1, then rush the stairs turn 2. Melee units won't be very useful until turn 3 unless you are really careful/lucky with your positioning, so it's probably best to spend their AP on shoving.

Casamir's healing output is middling at best, and in this fight, I would say curing slow with Detox or Fast Darts is more useful.

General Item Tips by ZenTrickster:

I wouldn't waste your precious resources on buying the Cold Swords. They offer +2 Damage each at a -5% Accuracy, compared to your Refined Swords. Since Tevoran only has 100% Accuracy WITH the Refined Swords, this actually leads to a net DECREASE in damage when you factor in the lower Accuracy.

Besides, it's Tevoran, your tank. You don't need to waste precious resources on his swords. Focus on the Grey Spear and the Crossbow of Terror instead.

Also, unless you're building a weird Melee Oksana, she doesn't need the Refined Mace. The Holy Sickle is much better for her.

General Item Tips by Szafirmag:

I agree with ZenTrickster in case of swords, but Refined Mace which buffs the attack of both Martin and Oksana (+8 from basic Iron mace for 2 characters in one item, because you can pass it between them during combat, yes please). If you played Zofia's fortress defense well you have a Consecrated Sickle and I think that spending 700 zloteks for +2 Sp. attack (even +4 if you don't have it) upgrade isn't worth it, when for 850 zloteks you can have good defense and +7 Sp. attack from the Cardinal robe.

Advice by Darkred: Generally you want to put the Warden's Emblem on Martin (Encourage) or Zofia (Molotov Cocktail) on the first turn to use their more powerful skills faster. With Ysabel and Zofia all you need to do with them is shoot at Rudolf's men while the rest run up the stairs to kill the Bishop and Lieutenant (possibly with the aid of Haste).

Voronese Sewer, Part One[]

Name Type Points Drops
Maeda Elder Minion 5 Skill Points
Havguva Elder Minion 5 Skill Points Item Minion Ichor
Sewer Minion 5 Skill Points Item Grotesque Fungus
Sewer Minion 5 Skill Points
Sewer Minion 5 Skill Points
Sewer Slime 5 Skill Points Item Slime Residue
Sewer Slime 5 Skill Points Item Slime Residue
Sewer Slime 5 Skill Points

Bear in mind that the interval before this battle will be the last opportunity you will have to do shopping before the end of the game. Prepare accordingly.

During the battle, every two turns, a torrent of filth will spray forth from the grate near the center of the map. Any character caught in the blast will be shoved, and incur up to 40 points of damage. You can use this to your advantage by holding your ground and funneling all the enemies through it.

The Sewer Slimes are able to inflict both Stun and Stasis on your party members with a ranged attack. Try not to give them too many chances to attack.

Detox Darts are a good purchase due to the number of status effects the enemies can inflict. Purify less so, mainly because of Opportunity cost; Oksana would be better served with ranged attacks or healing.

The Onyx Necklace Accessory negates poison and plague on the wearer, which is most useful on front-liners, since the Elder Minions' toxic attacks are melee. Note that equipping the Necklace while poisoned does not negate it; the necklace prevents poison, it doesn't cure it.

Voronese Sewer, Part Two[]

Name Type Points Drops
Sewer Shaman 25 Skill Points Accessory Shaman's Blindfold, Item Phorian Opiate, 22 Zloteks
Orthros Elder Minion 5 Skill Points Item Crystalline Fungus
Lingback Elder Minion 5 Skill Points
Sewer Minion 5 Skill Points Item Minion Ichor
Sewer Minion 5 Skill Points
Sewer Minion 5 Skill Points
Sewer Minion 5 Skill Points

The Sewer Shaman will occasionally summon more Sewer Minions to aid his foul schemes. These yield no points upon defeat, but are otherwise identical to their non-summoned brethren.

You can use melee attackers to block the slope on the western side to deal with them one by one, use your tankiest character to distract the shaman by placing him inside his range with Casimir constantly healing him. Once you have killed all the other enemies, the shaman can be easily dealt with.

Expanding upon the above strategy (by KOOZ): a slight modification is to send Tervoran to the right side of the ledge and use Mockery on the Sewer Shaman - the key is to get the Shaman to reach the right-most spot below the ledge by following Tervoran; once he gets there and has only Tervoran in range, he will stay there. In the meantime, have (from L to R) Reynold, Martin (with Onyx Necklace) and Ivan hold the stairs with Ysabel, Zofia and Oksana providing fire support and healing for the first several terms. Casimir will take care of healing Tervoran. After several turns, once the Elder and Sewer Minions are taken care of, position the ranged units such that they form a "corpse throwing ladder" with Reynold/Martin passing on the minions to Oksana and Ysabel who, in turn, will pile them up for Tervoran to use on the Sewer Shaman. The corpses will guarantee damage in case the Sewer Shaman uses Egestive Shield and will all fall onto the square directly to the left of him, thus effectively blocking his movement (need at least 3, can pile up to 4, avoid 5). If the Sewer Shaman summons a Minion, it is likely to pop at the right side of the ledge - use ranged units to support Tervoran in this case. Otherwise, send Ivan to stand diagonally next to the Sewer Shaman and keep throwing the Minion corpses at him from the pile - a truly appropriate death for this individual.

Voronese Wilderness[]

Name Type Points Drops
Duriken Chancellor 25 Skill Points Accessory Grandiose Cape
Grosgan Bishop 10 Skill Points Item Canned Yams
Blickbrand Assassin 10 Skill Points Dagger Hitman's Dagger
Rhadgar Assassin 10 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets, 150 Zloteks

If Duriken falls to 209 Health Points or less, he'll use the Item Tranquil Chime. This item instantly heals 100 Health Points and cures all negative statuses, and for 2 turns, also increases Duriken's stats by 25% and grants him an extra 5 Action Points. If you're particularly unlucky, Duriken will unleash Eternal Vacuum and Dissolution on the same turn, which can wipe out some of the weaker party members. Skills such as Zofia's Lewd Glance and Tevoran's Enrage can be useful in keeping Duriken from attacking. You can consider boosting SP to spam these skills with an item like Korova Milk. Also, hasting a party member and shoving Duriken off of the cliff he starts out on can be effective.

In the lower corner of the map, searching the rather conspicuous hole in the ground will unveil the AccessoryBone Godemiche.

General tips form Szafirmag:

-Martin buffed with Korova Milk and Crystalline Fungus allows you to spam his Encourage every turn, which significantly increases yours party DPS.

-Even with no skills purchased at all it`s possible to burst down Duriken from 250 to 0, so you can burst him down before he has a chance to use Item Tranquil Chime.

Offensive Strategy by ZenTrickster

This is a nice and dependable strategy that you can use if you have focused on upgrading the offensive capabilities of your characters, especially Ivan. He must have 8-Directional Attack at the very least, but Spear Triple Plus and all 3 Dmg/Health passives are recommended.

Ivan should have the Arachnid Boots equipped, for a total of 6 movements.

On Turn 1, Tevoran should use Berate. Rush everyone (except Tevoran) up the hill. Stick as close as possible to the hill for the shortest distance up. Tevoran should NOT go up the hill and remain about where he is.

Ivan should use 1 Foot Grease and be able to reach both Duriken and the Priest. Attack both of them.

Ysabel should move to a position where she can attack Duriken on the first turn - preferably with Flameburst. This is the same position Zofia is in when she starts the battle. Casamir should move to a position where he can Regen Dart both Ivan and Tevoran.

On their turn, the priest is going to waste time Healing instead of casting Multi-Haste. THIS is what you need. If the Priest casts Multi-Haste, it's basically game over. Even if Duriken casts Dissolution back to back every turn doesn't matter as much as this spell. The whole strategy revolves around keeping the Priest too busy to use Multi-Haste (by delivering damage to keep him busy healing).

Turn 2: Make sure to heal Ivan to full health with Casamir. Move Ivan to attack the Priest and move everyone else up the hill. If one of the Assassins moved to attack Ivan, Ysabel can target him. It is more likely that both Assassins use their first turn to cast Misdirection - if so, move Ysabel up the hill instead.

If Duriken used Dissolution, assess the damage on your party. In some cases, using Multiheal is a must. In others, it might be better to just use Oksana to target heal whoever might die.

Move Tevoran towards the secret object by going right and down. For some reason when he's off to the right, the AI prefers attacking him. From this point on, Tevoran simply moves to take the item AND casts Scold as much as possible every other turn. Make sure he doesn't die because he will be out of reach of any healers (unlikely, but possible).

Turn 3: Assuming Multi-Haste hasn't been cast yet (takes a bit of luck, but the Priest should have been busy healing everyone), Zofia can now get in range to Lewd Glance Duriken. With Tevoran boosting her SP, she can actually do this back to back for 2 - 3 turns. This is the window of time you have to kill both Assassins and the Priest.

This turn the Prince can use Encourage and Tevoran should use Scold. Use both of their abilities as often as possible.

Make sure Ivan doesn't let up on the Priest - keep targeting him with Spear Triple Plus. Reynold should be able to get into range and Roundhouse kick twice in a row. If he can't, shove him into place.

You should be able to kill one Assassin this turn and severely hurt the Priest. Make sure to heal Ysabel or Oksana with Casamir - it is unlikely you have a Multiheal this turn and you don't want any accidents to kill one of your softer characters.

Turn 4: Continue to use Lewd Glance to lock down Duriken. Kill the Priest with Reynold and Ivan. Ysabel should be able to fire at people, but if she can't move her into a position where she can target Duriken. Reynold and Ivan should be able to handle the Assassin by themselves. Everyone else focus on luring Duriken up the ramp onto the edge of the ledge.

Turn 5: Zofia uses Lewd Glance.

Ivan and Reynold kill the last Assassin (might take 2 turns if you're unlucky).

Tevoran collects the item (or uses Scold if you like, since you should still have one more turn left after this).

Prince uses Encouragement to ensure victory.

Turn 6: Destroy Duriken. I prefer to deal just enough damage so that Prince Martin can shove him off the cliff, Spartan style. Do whatever you think is fitting.

Done correctly, I was able to replicate this strategy multiple times with Flawless Victory and every enemy killed. Congratulations!

Interesting note: Duriken won't use Tranquil Chime if he's under the effects of Lewd Glance. So hit away!

Tevoran with the warden's emblem equipped can use mockery every other turn, and Zofia can also use lewd glance every other turn. If one chooses to do this, andTevoran is kept well out of range, they can effectively prevent Dhuriken from doing anything except using dissolution. Then the only thing to worry about is the assassins and the priest.

My(jaffer duo) gameplay:

I always feel like this game is under-rated and underestimated, eventually I decide to share my videos here.

Please don't just copy my strategies, I hope more people can learn more things from my videos.

Another strategy (Cosmic):

Turn 1: Tevoran scolds everyone. Oksana hastes Ivan. Ivan (with Greasy Jacket and Arachnid Boots) moves to triple-spear Duriken and the priest (switch from boots to Spiked Helmet for maximum effect, then back to boots before ending turn). On the next turn, Duriken and the priest will move to the far right of the cliff (the two spaces next to the tree). Isabel and Sofia should move to positions on the far right at the bottom of the cliff, where they will be able to attack the priest and use Lewd Glance on Duriken. Oksana should start moving in that direction as well. Z will need the boys to shove here. Oksana moves to the right as well. Casimir moves into position to use R Dart on Ivan next turn.

Turn 2: Martin encourages everyone. Ivan moves to spear the priest x2 (switching again to spiked helmet, then back to boots). Y and Z should be able to finish off the priest while (crucially) leaving Z with enough AP to use Lewd Glance on Duriken and (ideally) leaving Y with enough AP to use Flameblast on him as well. Casimir uses R Dart on Ivan. Oksana uses Multiheal and begins moving to the left (ultimately, she will be the one to retrieve the Bone Godemiche, though Casimir would also be a good choice, if you want to play it a bit safer with him).

Turn 3: Duriken should move into a position where Ivan can shove (or double-shove) him over the ledge. Do this and then move Ivan to the edge, where Casimir can use R Dart on him (Ivan will be taking damage from the assassins on the next turn) AND (CRUCIALLY) DURIKEN if he is in danger of ending the turn under 250 HP (don't want him using Tranquil Chime). Z should be able to use Lewd Glance on D again. Do this. Move R, T, M, Y, and Z toward the center of the map (near the cave mouth), in preparation for attacking the assassin who will go over the cliff on the next turn. They should be more or less left to right in that order. Keep moving Oksana, BUT she should be in range to use Haste on Reynold on the next turn.

Turn 4: Martin encourages everyone. Have Casimir heal whoever seems to need it most (for me this has usually been Reynold, oddly enough), then move him away from the action. Ivan should be in position to shove the assassin who attacks him over the cliff, ideally prefaced by a Triple Spear. Kill the assassin who fell, attacking from right to left with Z and Y, who may well be able to do the job between them.

The next step is to kill the remaining assassin. Ideally, Reynold should be able to reach him with the assistance of a Haste from Oksana (and possibly a turn in the Arachnid Boots). If so, he will be able to bring a couple of roundhouses with him and, if it's your lucky day, shove him over the edge. T should mock or scold, depending upon your assessment of the situation (mockery can be useful to draw in the assassin if needed). Oksana should Multiheal and start moving toward the Godemiche.

Turn 5: Go after the second assassin.

At this point you just have to keep everyone alive (healing) and control Duriken (Lewd Glance) until you can fetch the Godemiche (Haste if you're in a hurry). Then use Encourage and take out Duriken (250 to 0 is eminently doable in this scenario.

But really, the keys are to kill the priest on turn 2 and shove Duriken to the lower level on turn 3. One or more characters may still end up in jeopardy, but the strategic advantage will be yours.

Yet another strategy (KOOZ):

Main focus is to keep Duriken from acting throughout the battle with Lewd Glance and separate his minions. Useful skills to have: Tervoran's Mockery and Scold, Zofia's Lewd Glance, Ysabel's Limb Breaker, Oksana's Haste, Casimir's Speed Dart and Ivan's Spear Doubleplus. Ivan needs to be equipped with Greasy Leather Jacket and Arachnid boots - he needs his 7 movement for the debut. Terovroan needs to have the Warden's Emblem - so he can use Scold every two turns. Requires 1-2 Grotesque Fungus.

The key here will be the first couple of turns, after which one can improvise accordingly.

Turn 1: Tervoran uses Mockery and moves away from Duriken beyond Casimir - one can play with positioning but the end result is to get Duriken and Rhadgar to stand on the edge of the cliff at the end of their turn. Then give Haste to Ivan and send him to stand at the edge of the cliff right in front of Grosgan. Ivan should use Spear Doubleplus on him - it's important to deal significant damage so that on his turn Grosgan moves to the right and casts Healburst on himself instead of casting Multihaste. If you load-save, you can also see where Durkien and Rhadgar will end up standing at the cliff edge and you can position Martin and Reynold to welcome them on the next turn (such that Rhadgar is within meele range of both when he falls down).

Turn 2: Casimir can heal Tervoran or Oksana can cast multiheal to cancel out the effects of Durkien's attacks (depending on where you position Tervoran Duriken may choose different spells - better to get him to cast Gravity Strike). Casimir can then use Speed Dart on Ivan, who, in turn, pushes down Duriken and Rhadgar. Use Lewd Glance on Duriken. Use Martin, Reynold and any other remaining members of the team to kill off Rhadgar.

After this turn, keep Duriken occupied with Lewd Glance - have Terovan keep casting Scold to keep SP regen going for Zofia; if she runs dry, let her eat Grotesque Fungus (two should be sufficient). Tervoran can go down to the bottom right of the map to get the Bone Godemiche, then come up by the rightmost side of the map to help Martin corner Grosgan: with Ivan cornering Grosgan earlier on the right side of the plateau, the latter will likely use Multihaste and teleport to the bottom right of the ledge - you can use Martin to try to reach him there (Rhadgar's corpse might come in handy) and have Oksana help deal enough damage to keep him occupied with healing himself; once Tervoran gets there, the three of them should be able to finish off Grosgan. Blickbrand will take the left route down where he can be controlled by Ysabel's Limb Breaker and Reynold's Haste and Speed assisted movement; after Grosgan teleports down, Ivan can also move in to help finish off Blickbrand. In the meantime, Zofia, Casimir and anyone else who can add some damage can slowly, but surely wittle down Duriken's hp to 250 (at 209 he uses Tranquil Chime).

Finally, after Grosgan and Blickbrand are taken care of, everyone can gang up on the Enamored Duriken and finish him off in one turn.