Episode 5Edit


In the Tiervan Jail, Central Chamber battle, there are several doors which upon being searched will yield items or enemies as indicated:

Door A: Mace Iron Mace
Door B: Tiendai Thug
Door C: Accessory Cross of Ecthain
Door D: Tiendai Thug

Episode 6Edit


During either of the battles on the Eastern Field, the Merchant's poorly hidden treasure chest can be searched. Inside you'll find the MediumArmorBulletproof Clothes and 250Zlotek.

Episode 7Edit


Similar to the Jail's Central Chamber, the doors in the Masori, South District battle can be searched. Behind these doors you'll find the following:

Door A: Dagger Refined Knife
Door B: Voronese Soldier
Door C: Voronese Soldier
Door D: Accessory Regenerative Cloak
Door E: Item Jhurukian Upper, 300 Zlotek

Several explosive lanterns can also be thrown, creating a 3x3 damage radius.


Zofia's Fortress has two switches which, when activated, will cause their corresponding mines to explode. Each will explode in a 3x3 square, causing up to 60HP damage.

Episode 8Edit


Stalactites will periodically fall onto the map during the Tunnel Hole battle, causing up to 40 damage to any character they hit. They'll fall on the turn indicated in the image to the right, at the start of the enemies' portion of the turn.

In this same battle, searching Vadim's body will yield a ItemPhorian Opiate and ItemFoot Grease.


In either of the Tunnel Cavern battles, the AccessoryArachnid Boots can be acquired, indicated by a dimly flashing area near a cluster of mushrooms in the bottom-center area of the map.

Episode 9Edit


During the first Voronese Sewer fight, every two turns, a torrent of filth will spray forth from the grate near the center of the map, striking the tiles indicated in the image to the right. Any character caught in the blast will be shoved, and incur up to 40 points of damage.


In the game's last battle, the AccessoryBone Godemiche can be found near the bottom-center of the map. Search either of the tiles indicated in the image.