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Video playthrough by jaffer duo on Youtube: World's End Chapter 1.

Note from jaffer duo: The playthrough is an old version that still has no Forget Function, and has some glitches on Grab range, which has been fixed now. Please be clever, and don't just copy my videos because certain things have been changed (especially at 3-2 & 3-3).

Formulas[edit | edit source]

Damage[edit | edit source]

Normal damage = (Attack - Defense) +/- 20%

Special damage = (Special Attack - Special Defense) +/- 20%

Hit Chance[edit | edit source]

Melee hit chance = Hit % - Evade %
                   + (20% for back attacks, 10% for side attacks)
                   + (between 20% and -20% based on height)
Ranged hit chance = Hit % - Evade %

Special hit chance = Special Hit % - Special Evade %

Obstacle Damage[edit | edit source]

Explosive damage = Obstacle Damage - Special Defense

Normal damage = Weight Based Damage (between 3.5 and 17)
                + Throw Power
                + (between 25% and -25% based on height)
                - Defense / 5

Additionally, obstacles always do at least 1 damage.

Obstacle Weight

Normal obstacle damage is based on unlisted weight values ranging from lightest (lantern obstacle) to heaviest (Redshield corpse) resulting in damage between 3.5 and 17.

Throw Power

Throw Power is unlisted and varies by unit ranging from 0% to 100%:

Low      (0%) Casimir
Average (50%) Ysabel, Ivan, Vadim
High    (75%) Tevoran
Max    (100%) Oksana

General tips[edit | edit source]

Use the Set Direction command to adjust your units' facing at the end of your turn. Most enemies will attack a character's back or side whenever possible (receiving a 20% or 10% hit bonus respectively). Note that this can be used to your advantage when you want to call attention away from a vulnerable unit.

Shove is useful in positioning enemies to be attacked by characters that can hit multiple tiles. This is often a better strategy for weaker characters to use instead of using their own attacks. Shove can also be used to push enemies off of high ledges. Some falls might be fatal, while others will do some damage and may put an enemy unit in a remote or disadvantageous position.

Grabbing items is useful if you want to create a staircase to an elevated position, gain a height advantage or wall off an enemy. Items can be thrown on enemies at range for various amounts of damage, at the cost of only 2Action Points. Corpses do the most damage, and the heavier the corpse the more damage it does.

Whenever possible, seek a height advantage. Simply standing on a pile of corpses will reduce enemy bonuses for back or side attacks.

Occasionally your view of tiles will be blocked by enemies, fallen bookshelves or other obstacles. In these cases, using the Cursor, located in the lower left of the screen, can be helpful. It can be used to target both movement and attacks.

At any point within a battle, if you click on one of your playable characters, and then click Details, you are able to purchase new active or passive skills to help you during combat. Since you do not necessarily need to wait until the next break point to acquire new skills, this is especially useful if you have the skill points to learn something you may need in the heat of the battle. This also applies to arming yourself with new equipment acquired in the battlefield.

Since skillpoints are limited, it is important that you invest wisely when purchasing skills. A good strategy that players have used with success is investing in support skills.

  • Support skills include but are not limited to:
Ivan's Smoke Attack (reduces enemy evasion and hit rate), Ysabel's Limb Breaker (stuns enemy), Tevoran's Mockery (provokes enemies to attack Tevoran only) and Berate (increases party movement points), and Vadim's Kidney Jab (stuns enemy).
  • With support skills, you can effectively distract and prevent multiple enemies from attacking you, thus allowing you to focus on killing off certain enemies without interference from other opponents. Additionally, these support skills can come in handy when your characters are low on health, as these skills can be used as diversions while you take your time to heal an injured character.

If you prefer to focus on dealing damage, consider purchasing buffed attack skills, which can inflict between 25-100% more damage than regular attacks. These include Ivan's Spear Plus and Spear Doubleplus, Tevoran's Overhead Slash and Disembowel, Ysabel's Flamebow, and Vadim's Double Stab.

Status boosting skills are also important. Generally, melee fighters should be given defensive boosts while ranged fighters benefit most from attack boosts.

Remember you can reset your skills when you're out of battle, just click on the skills you learned and click "Forget" to get Skill Points back so you can spend them on the skills you need. 

It is worth noting that the game can be beaten with any set of skills, or even with no skills purchased at all. Don't expect it to be easy, though!

Party Members[edit | edit source]

Ivan Vaclav[edit | edit source]

Ivan is rather bland as far as gameplay is concerned. He occupies an unfortunate middle ground within your team: he isn't as damaging as your ranged units, he isn't as evasive as Vadim, and he isn't as bulky as Tevoran. This isn't to say he is without merit: his spear's range can set up combos with his allies, and his unique Greasy Leather Jacket allows him to pursue fleeing enemies and close the gap with ease.

Ivan can equip Spears, Knuckles, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, Jackets, and all accessories. He joins at the start of Episode One's first battle.

  • + He can move faster than other units thanks to the Greasy Leather Jacket
  • + Has the highest range of any melee unit.
  • + He receives consistent weapon drops from enemies; given how low your Zlotek budget is, this is a major benefit.
  • + He has solid damage output thanks to his ability to hit two enemies at once and his spear plus skills.
  • - He is outshined in most areas by his other teammates.

Edwin Tevoran[edit | edit source]

Tevoran is your main tank. He has great HP and access to heavy armor to keep him alive on the front lines, and he has an excellent support move in Mockery. He will be one of the pillars of your team throughout your adventure.

Edwin can equip Swords, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, and all accessories. He joins at the start of Episode One's second battle.

  • + His physical defense is unparalleled.
  • + Mockery will completely ruin enemy AI, allowing you a turn's reprieve to heal or go on the offensive.
  • - His evasiveness is the worst of any unit.
    • + Given his high defense, he won't suffer too much from this.
  • - His SP only recharges at a rate of 4 per turn, slowing down use of his special moves.
  • - He has the lowest accuracy of all units.

Ysabel Tevoran[edit | edit source]

Ysabel is your main ranged unit. She deals excellent damage from the back lines, and her Limb Breaker can be used for crowd control. Of course, she is rather frail, so she should avoid melee combat like the plague.

Ysabel can equip Crossbows, Knives, Light and Medium Armor, and all accessories. She joins at the start of Episode One's second battle.

  • + She has high damage output.
  • + She has high range.
  • + Limb Breaker stuns an enemy for two turns.
    • + Can stun enemies at range.
  • + She can consistently use Vadim's hand-me-downs to keep herself equipped with good knives.
  • - She doesn't have much bulk. Keep her away from the front lines.

Vadim[edit | edit source]

Vadim is arguably the best melee unit in the game. He can stack evasiveness buffs from various sources to become very hard to hit, he can deal very good damage thanks to his innate Backstab skill, and you will never need to buy him any equipment.

Vadim can equip Knives, Throwing Knives, Light and Medium Armor, Thug Gear, and all accessories. He joins at the start of Episode One's fourth battle.

  • + His defensive passives, Rogue Outfit, Boris' Ring, and Brag can stack to give him 60% evasion.
  • + Backstab allows him to deal impressive damage.
  • + He receives consistent weapon drops from enemies; given how low your Zlotek budget is, this is a major benefit.
  • + Kidney Jab lets him stun an enemy for a turn.
    • - Can only stun enemies within melee range.
  • - His regular knife attack is locked to 1 range, and his throwing knives deal less damage than Casimir.
  • - Story events make purchasing gear for him somewhat wasteful unless it's something you're planning to pass down.

Casimir Gheft[edit | edit source]

Casimir is your first medic, and is fairly disappointing. His Healing Dart does little healing, and he is generally outshined in every way by Oksana. Still, he comes 4 battles earlier than she does, and he can still be used in situations where Oksana needs to attack or multiple party members are wounded.

Casimir can equip Darts, Light Armor, and all accessories. He joins at the end of Episode Two's fourth battle.

  • + He is your first medic, and can heal you without expending items.
  • + His SP recharges at a rate of 6 per turn, upgradeable to 7 with his Walking Pharmacy passive.
  • + Slow Dart can affect the Redshields and the final boss Zofia, whereas Ysabel's Limb Breaker and Vadim's Kidney Jab cannot.
  • - His healing output is rather shoddy.
  • - He has no way to deal reliable damage.
  • - He is not strong enough to lift dead bodies without some kind of buff.
  • - He can take about as much punishment as a wet tissue.
  • - He is generally outclassed by Oksana.
    • + He joins 4 battles before her, and can be used as a serviceable backup medic henceforth.

Oksana Rospostiuk[edit | edit source]

Oksana is your second medic, and by far the better one. In Final Fantasy terms, she is a Red Mage, able to do everything rather competently. She has an excellent ranged attack in White Bolt, great healing output, and is surprisingly bulky as well. Her only real problem is that she can quickly become overtaxed due to her multiple roles, but this shouldn't be too much of an issue if you're smart.

Oksana can equip Sickles, Light and Medium Armor, Robes, and all accessories. She joins at the end of Episode Three's fourth battle.

  • + She has the best Special Attack, allowing her to heal lots of damage with Heal and deal it with White Bolt.
  • + White Bolt serves as a powerful ranged attack.
  • + Multiheal can heal the entire party at once.
    • - No enemy has a party-wide attack, making this skill somewhat moot.
  • + She is reasonably bulky.
  • + She can double an ally's movement with Haste and increase their damage and lift capacity with Celestial Drive.
  • + She gets a free Deacon Robe just before she joins you.
  • + Her Priest Robe can deflect arrows.
  • + Her SP recharges at a rate of 6 per turn, upgradeable to 7 with her Unnatural Fervor passive.
  • + She has the greatest lift strength of the party, being able to lift a Redshield corpse without Celestial Drive.
  • - Most of her strengths rely on her SP. If she runs dry, she's not much help.


Episode One[edit | edit source]

Tiervan Slum, Part One[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Rodion Degenerate Thug 5 Skill Points
Grigori Low-Tier Thug 5 Skill Points 20 Zloteks
Dmitry Degenerate Thug 5 Skill Points Item Moldy Bread

This battle can be completed by retreating and using spear attacks, or simply by keeping Ivan in his initial position and using punch attacks, throws, etc. If you choose the latter tactic, try facing northeast with Ivan so his back is attacked by one of the thugs. From there the rotten fellow can easily be shoved off the ledge. In the end of the battle, you'll get a flawless victory, you'll get 5 Skill Points.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

First turn, use the spear twice on Grigori. Restart the turn if he survives. Next two turns, double punch the degenerate ones. Seeing as this battle is almost unloseable, this strategy is meant to give you an edge in the next one.

Tiervan Slum, Part Two[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Mikhail Nunchaku Thug 5 Skill Points
Josef Average Thug 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Vadim Average Thug 5 Skill Points 15 Zloteks
Kolya Average Thug 5 Skill Points
Stump Low-Tier Thug 5 Skill Points
Vlad Low-Tier Thug 5 Skill Points

Item Sardine Tin

Avoid leaving 2 adjacent characters together within range of the Nunchaku Thug, who will gladly hit both of them. Concentrate your attacks on one enemy at a time and you should easily win. If you win with no dead party members (Ivan, Tevoran, & Ysabel are all alive), you'll achieve a flawless victory and get 10 Skill Points.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

If you used the first strategy on the last battle, Ivan would have 2 corpses for throwing against Stump. This would also allow him to retreat towards his friends. Tevoran can continue throwing dead people. On average, he might only need one to kill Stump, then, also on average, have another two to attack Josef. Josef might not go down so easily, though, and Ysabel with her crossbow and/or Tevoran with another corpse will be necessary.

At the end of the turn, make sure to have a V where Ysabel is ranging covered by Ivan and Tevoran. The other 4 enemies will barely reach the front holders, so the second turn, 1-2 will fall.

Fighting with corpses allows a character to deal even 60 damage per turn, more than you can deal with your current force, so don't hesitate to relocate those bogos.

Using the bogo catapult technique, you can kill the remaining three in the third turn, with some luck.

If you didn't use Strategy 1 on the first skirmish, you seriously should gather the players, otherwise Ivan might lose 50-60% of his life in the first turn, and that is dangerous for a flawless victory.

Other advice: Watch out for Ysabel, she is the most fragile.

-Tevoran is the sturdiest for now, at the end of the turns make him face the opposite direction from the enemy so he takes the brunt of the damage.

-If he is heavily wounded (<40% life or <60 HP) and you didn't finish yet, have Ivan take over tanking duties.

Interval[edit | edit source]

If you decide to purchase healing items, note that Moldy Bread and Sardine Tin are more cost-effective than Soma.

You should have 50~60 skill points by this point depending on whether you achieved a Flawless Victory in the second battle. The Limb Breaker skill (50 Skill Points), a stun attack used by Ysabel, is a highly recommended purchase.

As you proceed through the following battles, keep in mind that you can purchase skills at any time. Ivan's Avoidance (30 Skill Points) and Tevoran's Suspicion (40 Skill Points), both defensive boosts, are suggested for your melee fighters, while Ysabel will benefit from an attack boost, Hostility (35 Skill Points). Tevoran's Mockery (30 Skill Points), which causes all enemies to target him and ignore the other party members for one turn, is also a extremely useful skill.

Thugs' Warehouse, Vestibule[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Goran Veteran Thug 10 Skill Points
Sobek Veteran Thug 10 Skill Points
Jasno Nunchaku Thug 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Greasy Average Thug 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Vodka Average Thug 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Nestor Average Thug 5 Skill Points Item Antivenom

The Veteran Thugs are able to backstab - a character whose back is exposed to their attacks will receive 25% extra damage. Use Set Direction to reduce the chances of exposure to backstabbing.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

It is recommended you teach Limb Breaker or Mockery. Both have an immense tactical advantage over the other skills. Mockery has a slight tactical edge over Limb Breaker, though.

Have Ivan and Tevoran block the stairs, and Ysabel bring a crate two spaces behind either of them, then climb onto it.

The next turn, aim for Jasno first, and if Greasy is wounded, you can have him too. Vodka will try to come from behind, and beware the veterans, as their thrown knives will reduce your forces' health.

When you have the upper hand, charge the veterans carefully and beware their double stabs. If possible,direct them towards Tevoran.

Tips: Limb Breaker is poor against veterans in perspective, as the veterans attempt to approach slowly to use their melee skills. The limb breaker forces them to flee to safety where they will continue still to throw knives, racking up damage. Mockery, on the other hand, forces them to approach and waste their AP if they have them, exposing themselves.

Thugs' Warehouse, Inner Chamber[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Laszlo Thug Leader 25 Skill Points Item Soma, Dagger Switchblade, 100 Zloteks
Pavel Veteran Thug 10 Skill Points 15 Zloteks
Zbigniew Veteran Thug 10 Skill Points 45 Zloteks
Thumbless Nunchaku Thug 5 Skill Points 20 Zloteks
Dim Nunchaku Thug 5 Skill Points Item Antivenom
Milosz Average Thug 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Jaromil Average Thug 5 Skill Points Item Sardine Tin

If possible, eliminate all the foes in this battle, as the extra Points will be very useful in the coming battles.

Hidden loot stashed in a panel on the second floor. Costs 5 action points to open.

Like the Veteran Thugs (black shirts), Laszlo has a 25% damage bonus to back attacks.

Search the panel in the topmost corner of the map to receive the Procurers' Cane (HP +10), a Soma and 51 Zloteks.

Thugs are not very smart. From the topmost level of the map, your units can toss a couple of crates onto the stairs to puzzle them and halt their advance. Note that ranged attackers are a bit brighter and will still attack you.

One person is required to pull the lever to lift the platform, which costs 5 action points.

Using the elevator is also great way to confuse enemies. Better yet, they can be lured onto it and shoved off for a great deal of damage.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Mockery and/or Limb Breaker and/or Kidney Jab are essential for a perfect win. If you racked up all perfect wins and got 10 skill points in this fight, you can have all three. Hurrying to kill Laszlo is useless as you can get a nice secret by playing defensively and advancing slowly.

Now, to slice the bread: Have Vadim block the fourth stair(the one that leads toward the fried pig,it will be named Stair A) with the chair. It's pointless but cool. You may not do that if you want. Then have all of them hide in the corner closest to the elevator (It will be named Stair B). Ysabel behind.

Next turn quickly cut Jaromil's throat with two throws from Vadim, a spear hit from Ivan, and an attack from the codger. Ysabel can also score a hit againist Zbigniew without him reaching her directly, if she occupies the first stair from Stair A.

Third turn assault either Zbigniev or Thumbless and kill him. Tevoran should be very far and mock them. Then advance towards the elevator with Tevoran.

Fourth turn: Have Tevoran taunt again, and get the others to ascend the Stair B.

The fifth turn is crucial: You must get Ysabel on the elevator, and have at least three enemies killed by now. (This is the expected status for someone who uses this technique).

By now lift Ysabel, have her sprint toward the stash,one-shot-per turn Pavel if he is still there while running towards the stash, and use her height advantage. Because by now there are 3-4 at 4, and supposedly your people are barely scratched, dispatch the minions while gently kidney jabbing or limb breaking the boss. If Ysabel has retrieved the stash, it's the signal to go berserk and kill them all (Laszlo last).

Tips: After Ysabel is elevated, the enemies will be in close proximity and will attack the men relentlessly. Be careful.

Note that there is a secret Thieves Stash containing a Procurer's Cane at the top of the map.


Episode Two[edit | edit source]

Interval[edit | edit source]

As you buy equipment at the start of this episode, keep in mind that the Guard Captain in the Hallway drops the Belayav Spear, a weapon for Ivan. If you can survive for a couple of battles without the attack boost of the Iron Spear, you may find that your hard-earned zloteks are better spent elsewhere.

You will be facing many archers in this episode, starting with the second battle. Beforehand, buying Tevoran's Dart Cleaver (40 Skill Points) is recommended, as it allows him to cut down arrows 50% of the time. Other characters will have an easier time chasing archers down with Tevoran's Berate (40 Skill Points), which grants them 2 additional movement points. For Vadim, Kidney Jab (40 Skill Points), a melee stun attack, is an important purchase.

Boris' Mansion Courtyard, Part One[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Yossarian Guard 5 Skill Points
Markus Guard 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Mladek Guard 5 Skill Points Item Sardine Tin, 20 Zloteks
Tripimir Novice Guard 5 Skill Points
Vytenis Novice Guard 5 Skill Points 35 Zloteks
Bogomil Novice Guard 5 Skill Points

Spear-wielding enemies cannot attack immediately adjacent units. If you can completely surround them (with your units or sufficiently tall piles of obstacles) they'll be powerless.

Search the well (from either tile to its southeast) to gain the Thief Gloves (Hit +10%) and 50 Zloteks. This accessory is best for Ysabel, as it allows her Limb Breaker to hit more frequently, or Ivan, whose accuracy is the lowest of all team.

Triggering the statue explosion, via the conspicuous red button near the well, will cause any adjacent unit to take 48~72 damage.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Ysabel is recommended to have a better crossbow and Hostility (the latter is optional, of course, but it would help.)

Pilfer the well with Vadim immediately, and leave him there, then charge the guards with all you've got. You won't get to attack, but they won't maim Vadim. Mockery is good.

Next turn you will find that Bogomil is threatened by the explosion range (If you mocked them, there might be Markus too). You can detonate it now, and kaput him/them with a final attack (it's possible he dies from the blast), or keep it for one of the pesky archers from the next fight. By this turn you are both in the center of the map, so you will have to skirmish carefully. Mock as often as possible (much more efficient if you got Tevoran the leather vest and/or Suspicion), keep Vadim as a ninja to stun and backstab, and Ysabel to snipe and stunlock the regular guards.

After they are less than you, you have the upper hand, so you may risk blitzkrieging.

Tips: Everyone keeps commenting about leaving two units adjacent. Listen to them. The guards tend to attack such clusters, and you risk losing 12-13% of your team's total strength in one blow. If God forbid the enemies get in two strikes, you will lose 25% of your life in the blink of an eye.

Boris' Mansion Courtyard, Part Two[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Mikova Guard 5 Skill Points
Derrek Guard 5 Skill Points
Gustaf Guard 5 Skill Points 30 Zloteks
Bolek Archer 5 Skill Points
Ander Archer 5 Skill Points Item Eel Extract
Ziggy Novice Guard 5 Skill Points 40 Zloteks
Lecket Novice Guard 5 Skill Points Item Soma

If you didn't trigger the statue or plunder the well in the first courtyard, you may still do so now.

To eliminate the archers, try backing them into a corner to prevent their constant retreat. Tevoran's Berate skill is useful in chasing them down.

You may find that retreating to high ground may offer a height advantage, but beware of being cornered by groups of spearmen.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

You should learn Dart Cleaver, and use Mockery as often as possible.

Retreat everyone in the high corner, while shutdown-ing Lecket. I did it with an arrow, a spear, a sword, and a corpse. Notice how nothing implicated Vadim? Because he is needed for the second turn. Position him with the back towards the middle tree from the first cluster of three trees. CAREFUL! If you did ignite the statue last battle, don't do this, Vadim is in a medium risk of being skewered by three pikemen and arrowed by Ander pointlessly.

If you didn't ignite the statue the last battle, you can do it next turn, with Vadim, or, if you did, focus on killing two guards at a time. This way you would get to 4 to 2-3 easily, those being the archers and eventually a moderately wounded pikeman. Then the battle would be controllable.

Boris' Mansion, Hallway[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Stanley Guard Captain 10 Skill Points Spear Belayav Spear, 25 Zloteks
Sako Sniper 5 Skill Points
Marek Guard 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Prem Guard 5 Skill Points
Gus Archer 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Ostromir Novice Guard 5 Skill Points 45 Zloteks

The Guard Captain will use a Soma on himself once he reaches 25 HP or less. Ensure that you're able to eliminate him before your turn is over before you reduce his HP to this level. Note that he drops the Belayav Spear, a superior weapon for Ivan if you haven't purchased the Iron Spear.

The Sniper will use Stasis Shot every 3 turns. If you approach him, use the barrel or corpses to block off enemy pursuit. Be sure to hug the rear wall to prevent spearman attacks from the stairs

The bookshelf which appears here will do 32~48 damage to any unit in its target area.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

This is a simple level, despite Stanley and Sako's slightly superior force and threatening skill.

Use the first three turns to topple some pikemen this way:

First turn aim two crossbow bolts against Stanley (and hit them), and retreat far from the enemies with everyone. Then mock them.

Second turn Ysabel and Vadim annihilate Stanley. He will surely fall. Tevoran and Ivan attack Marek.

Third turn kill Marek while splitting the group. Ysabel and Ed should chase Sako, while Ivan and Vadim should descend the stairs. It is possible and useful to stun Prem and kill Ostromir this turn, too.

By now you have gained the upper hand. It's 4 to 3-4, so just remember my advice for all the game, and for using Malfarence's Strategies more efficiently:

-Latebattle, the corpse catapulting can deal more damage than you can, especially because oftentimes you have 3 corpses in close vicinity but only the possibility to attack once.

-If there are ranged enemies with dangerous skills such as Snipers or Voronese Grenadiers, do not seek to flee to safety, but charge them first, then the grunts.

-NEVER! IGNORE! OBJECTS! Keep a close eye for secrets, and always exploit objects. Formula for a turn is: Move, Attack, Grab&Throw or Attack, Attack. Avoid Move, Attack turns, and seek to attack the enemies from positions that allow you to also fling a bogo.

Boris' Mansion, Sitting Room[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Boris Nobleman 25 Skill Points Accessory Boris' Ring, 200 Zloteks
Czeslav Guard Captain 10 Skill Points 55 Zloteks
Rabo Guard Captain 10 Skill Points Item Eel Extract
Ryurik Sniper 5 Skill Points Item Bull Testes
Leszek Guard 5 Skill Points 45 Zloteks
Konstantin Archer 5 Skill Points 40 Zloteks
Leopold Archer 5 Skill Points
Ptomaine Novice Guard 5 Skill Points Item Soma

Boris will use the Jhurukian Upper (Move +2, Attack +5, Hit +15% for 2 turns) on his first turn, and will use the Phorian Opiate (Move -1, Defense +10) once his HP reaches 100. Expect him to alternate between Enema Water (poisons characters for -15 HP per turn) and regular syringe attacks thereafter, with the occasional Bathtub Moonshine thrown in - this causes drunkenness (Attack +10%, Hit -20%, Evade -20%).

Using the rope near the pillar will cause the chandelier to drop, causing 40~60 damage to any unit in its target area (3x3, roughly the same as the shadow cast beneath it).

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Kill Ptomaine and Konstantin at all costs and face Leszek right in the first turn! Restart turn until you succeed in killing both. (Protip: Spear Doubleplus, Hostility, and others really help).

Next turn wound Leszek and advance. Mock everyone.

Third turn annihilate Rabo and Leszek. Prepare to assail Ryurik.

Fourth turn split group. Vadim use Kidney jab on Ryurik, and the other three stun and wound Czeslav.

Fifth turn Vadim continues to pursue Ryurik, attacking him with Kidney Jab, while the others change focus from Czeslav to Leopold.

Sixth turn finish both archers, wound and stun Boris and mock, prepare for endgame.

Seventh turn snipe Czeslav and kill Boris. Checkmate.

Of course, with a more aggressive skillset and a bit more luck, you can win this battle in 4 turns. But my strategy's target is killing all the soldiers.


Episode Three[edit | edit source]

Tipping any one of the many bookshelves in this episode will do 32~48 damage to its targets. To make most effective use of the bookshelves, wait until several enemies in their target area before triggering them.

Fallen bookshelves and other occluding objects in this episode can make it difficult to properly select movement destinations. Use the Cursor (in the lower left of the screen) for more effective tile selection.

Interval[edit | edit source]

You may find that Boris' Ring (Evade +10%) is best suited for Vadim, whose evasion rate is already fairly high.

Casimir's Healing Dart (30 Skill Points) is highly recommended, especially since it makes purchasing healing items less critical. Slow Dart (30 Skill Points) cuts enemy Action Points in half and will prevent many attacks. This may also be a good time to buy Tevoran's Retaliatory Strike (60 Skill Points), which enables him to counter enemy attacks 25% of the time.

Church of Ecthain, Lower Room[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Erdrick Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Weck Monk 5 Skill Points 10 Zloteks
Kilgore Monk 5 Skill Points
Larrick Monk 5 Skill Points
Winston Acolyte 5 Skill Points Item Tainted Wine
Sigismund Acolyte 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Clyde Acolyte 5 Skill Points Item Sardine Tin

Eliminate the Voronese Soldier first, as he is already backed into a corner and his ranged attacks will become a nuisance if he's left alive. He'll use a Soma once his HP hits 54.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Try and invest into Casimir in preparation for this battle. One healer in a team of five is slightly too little, so you have to make every heal count. My team is specialized like this:

Ivan: DPS/ Tank/ Enfeebler(through Smoke Attack)

Tevoran: Tank

Ysabel: DPS/Stunner

Vadim: DPS/ Stunner

Casimir: Healer/ Enfeebler/ Enhancer (Later in the second game)

This specialization set is great and can take you with all flawless victories through all the chapters.

First turn: Assault Erdrick and don't worry if he survives. Place Tevoran beside the second confessional and mock. It is unlikely Erdrick will use a Soma, as Tevoran will be in close range, but some bonks will come under the confessional.

Second turn: Collapse the confessional, kill at least one monk/acolyte and Erdrick.

Third turn: Kill another two and gravely wound another.

Fourth turn: Kill the grave wounded one and stun the other two.

Fifth turn: Kill them both at any cost.

Tips: Even if you bought armors for everyone, the priests still pound hard, make sure the brunt is taken by Tevoran, and for the love of God keep Casimir away.

Church of Ecthain, Stairs Part One[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Robrecht Deacon 5 Skill Points Item Eel Extract
Larson Deacon 5 Skill Points 30 Zloteks
Harald Monk 5 Skill Points Item Soma
Patrick Monk 5 Skill Points 15 Zloteks
Johann Monk 5 Skill Points 10 Zloteks
William Acolyte 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Granville Acolyte 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets
Phelps Acolyte 5 Skill Points

A secret can be found behind the rightmost bookshelf. Searching the hole in the wall will yield the Holy Beverage (cures all ailments), 108 Zloteks, and the Blessed Girdle (S Attack +4) which is ideal for Casimir if he is used as a healer. It can be quite difficult to reach the rear bookshelf during this battle, and it may be wise to wait until the following battle to retrieve the stash.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Take them one by one as they come.

First turn attack Harald, and don't use Mockery. (The first two turns's kills are only assured through a clever streak of shoves and corpseflingings. Casimir should shove because at that point no-one is really wounded.

Second is Larson whose sickle skill can be annoying. That turn can you mock, because by now, the offensive wave is pretty intense.

Third turn you will have Patrick and William surrounded. Kill one and wound the other.

Fourth turn you must kill the gravely wounded one, and secure your position by stunning Robrecht and casting Mockery. Wound those who can be wounded. (You can even kill another Acolyte, Phelps, this turn, if you have lucky positions for the corpses.) Get proper spots for Ysabel and Casimir.

Fifth turn: Kill one.

By now it's 5 on 2. And, if you followed my strategy well, no one will be really wounded.

Church of Ecthain, Stairs Part Two[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Otis Priest 10 Skill Points
Theodore Monk 5 Skill Points Item Tainted Wine
Oswin Monk 5 Skill Points 25 Zloteks
Alfred Monk 5 Skill Points Item Foot Grease
Hedges Acolyte 5 Skill Points 35 Zloteks
Benson Acolyte 5 Skill Points Item Sardine Tin

Otis will use White Bolt, a ranged Special attack, when he's not healing his party members. Otis will not use Heal unless an ally's HP falls below 50. Allowing him to heal presents one advantage: his SP will be continually used up, and he'll be unable to use Celestial Drive, a status boost that raises his party's Attack strength by 20%.

Ranged attacks are largely ineffective on Otis, for he wears the Priest Robe, causing bolts, darts and knives to be deflected 50% of the time. Kidney Jab is highly effective however.

If you haven't retrieved the secret from behind the rightmost bookshelf make certain that you do so now! If possible, position your enemies with shoving before tipping a bookshelf, for anyone hit with it southwest-most edge of one has chance of being flung over the balcony for massive damage.

Strategy 1,by Malfarence:

This battle is too easy, guys. Don't overestimate it just because it has a miniboss. But don't underestimate it because any battle can be won without a flawless win.

First turn Oswin falls easily.

Second turn take out Theodore. The corpses will allow slight wounds for other ones.

Third turn take out the last priest and a monk. Otis and probably Hedges left.

Fourth turn send Vadim to crash a bookshelf and chase the relic stash.The bookshelf might fall over the last monk and wound him. Surround Otis.

Fifth and sixth turn: get the relics, have only Otis left, surround and pound him.

Seventh turn: Send Otis to Echtain.

Church of Ecthain, Upper Room[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Otis Priest 25 Skill Points Accessory Holy Undergarments, 500 Zloteks
Douglas Voronese Soldier 5 Skill Points 50 Zloteks
Felix Deacon 5 Skill Points Robe Deacon Robe
Hamish Monk 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets
Ethelred Monk 5 Skill Points
Alan Monk 5 Skill Points 20 Zloteks
Franklin Acolyte 5 Skill Points

In addition to his previous attacks, Otis now possesses Multiheal, which heals the entire enemy party, and Holy Blast, a broader version of White Bolt that strikes 5 tiles in a 3x3 cross pattern. As with the last battle, he will only heal allies who have fallen to 50 HP, so keeping his allies somewhat injured can prevent higher SP attacks.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

GASP! Echtain sent Otis back!

In the first turn kill Franklin quick, then have Tevoran behind the first bookshelf use Mockery. This will call Douglas closer. Close enough for Ivan, Vadim, and Ysabel to kaput him in one turn. Tevoran should crash a bookshelf and Casimir another one. Make sure the four nearby clerics will target Tevoran and Ivan.

The third turn attempt to kill Felix and stun a priest.

Fourth turn kill Felix and mock everyone.The other priests should be wounded by now.

Fifth turn: Kill two of the survivors and stun the other one.

Sixth turn: Kill the last one, and start healing the team for Otis.

By now corner him and pound hard. He should prepare to meet his maker!

Interval[edit | edit source]

A great deal of new equipment will be available in the shop. Before purchasing the Steel Spear, consider that the superior Guards' Spear is dropped by a guard in the first Tiervan Station battle. Similarly, you can acquire a Steel Dagger by killing one of the Redshields in the subsequent battle.

Consider purchasing the Rogue Outfit (300 Zloteks) for Vadim. Combined with Boris' Ring and both his defensive boosts, Vadim's Evade will be raised to 35%, or up to 60% if his Brag skill is used. Although you will acquire the outfit during the second fight of chapter 2, so your zloteks may be better spent elsewhere.

Oksana's Heal (30 Skill Points) is a vital skill purchase here. As her Heal relies on the Special Attack stat, you may wish to transfer the Blessed Girdle to Oksana, especially if you also decide to purchase the White Bolt (30 Skill Points) attack.


Episode Four[edit | edit source]

Pagoya Hole (aka Tierva Tavern)[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Bernard Redshield 10 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets, 50 Zloteks
Claude Redshield 10 Skill Points Item Homemade Vodka, 60 Zloteks

Bernard has the Contagious Fury skill, which heals both him and Claude for 40 HP. He'll use it once either brother reaches 180 HP. Claude can use the Horrific Bellow skill, an extremely debilitating attack that cuts your party's Attack, Defense and Lift strength in half. Both brothers, however, will typically use Murderous Rampage whenever their SP permits. This attack allows them to strike up to 3 units as they charge about wildly.

Redshields are immune to Stun and Stasis, but they can still be inflicted with other status ailments. Slow Dart can be effective.

A secret can be found by searching beneath the gatormoose head, containing: Korova Milk (doubles SP regeneration for 3 turns) and 100 Zloteks.

There are just enough objects to trap the two Redshields within the two tables closest two the door. This can be accomplished by using Tevoran's Mockery skill to bait them in and then sealing it up after he leaves. This will allow you to safely tear away at them while they are left helpless. Be careful when you kill one though, as his corpse could provide enough height for the other to escape.

Hint: Celestial Drive can be used to cancel/replace weak status if your team suffers from it.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

These guys must not attack. Take Tevoran and Ivan towards the counter, mock and block Bernard there and dispose of Claude ASAP as his Horrific Bellow is one of the worst attacks ever. Tevoran must have a good set of armor, and take great care of Ysabel and Casimir.

Strategy 2, by OSU18Nut:

This is actually one of the easiest battles in the chapter if it is played correctly. If you use the obstacles in the room like the benches, drum and the jug, you can actually block your entire team into the stage so that the Redshields cannot attack you, while you are free to rain damage down with your ranged attacks. Ysabel's Flamebow is a useful upgrade for this level and can be forgotten after the fight if you so choose.

In order to do this, you will have to pass some of the benches around and cover all but one of the tiles on the front of the stage. Make sure to put them ON the stage, and throw the extras up onto the stage as well. Send Ed towards the bar and use Mockery to keep the enemies away from your party, and place whatever members you can onto the stage.

On your second turn, finish blocking off the side of the stage that touches the bar. These will need to be stacked higher than the front side for obvious reasons. Once this is complete, send the rest of your party members onto the stage and block of the entrance. The brothers now cannot reach you, but will stay close enough to use Ysabel, Vadim, Casimir and Oksana to hit them from a distance. You can also have your melee characters take turns moving onto the wall, attacking, and dropping back.

Once you are almost done with defeating them, slip one of your party members (I used Vadim) out to go grab the secret from behind the mounted animal head. Use mockery the turn you slip them out to ensure they don't get attacked, and after that they will be too far away to attract any attention.

This might take a little longer but it is a much easier strategy than most other ones that I have seen or tried. I know that you can trap them between the tables but I found that to be very challenging and this is a simpler alternative (I believe).

Note: Don't focus on a single brother at the very beginning, as it is better to attack indiscriminately toward whichever one is most easily targeted for a given unit. Only attacking one brother leaves the other one free to reap havoc on your party's turned backs.

Tierva Station, Part One[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Liam Tiervan Corporal 10 Skill Points Spear Guards' Spear
Erik Tiervan Corporal 10 Skill Points 40 Zloteks
Vladek Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points 40 Zloteks
Herzog Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points 30 Zloteks
Darius Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Item Bull Testes
Randall Tiervan Guard 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets

These spear wielders are much the same as the previous ones you've fought. The Corporals, however, possess the Impale skill, which does a good deal of damage as well as cutting your Movement Points down to 3. They'll also use a Soma when their HP falls to 75 HP.

Block guards(corrected).png

Protip by Szafirmag: You can utilize narrow entrance to trap guard like on image on the right.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Furst turn advance and arrange your team carefully. Casimir and Oksana behind, Ysabel on the platform next to the stairs, and the three melee guys in front. Tevoran should have Vadim two tiles in front of him. This way, if Tevoran mocks, no one will be able to land a hit, but they will cluster themselves allowing to be killed one by one, and allowing Ivan and Tevoran to be more efficient. Aim for the corporals first, and kill Liam or Erik in the second turn, wounding the other one.

Careful: After you did your second turn expose Edwin and Ivan with their backs, because the 5 left are within your formation, and can and will attack the most fragile members of your team.

Third turn one of your team, most likely Vadim, will be lagged and wounded. Take this turn as a sabbath to wound and stun two (the other corporal and one guard), and slow another so that only two can attack you.

Fourth turn mock, kill the corporal, the wounded one, and continue wounding.

If there are only three left, you can safely monitor them by keeping them stunned, slowed, or in a stasis and attacking them.

Addendum, by Vae Victis: If you want to make the next fight much easier, follow the above strategy until only one or two guards are left, then take your time arranging all the corpses next to your starting location (see strategy 2 for the next battle).

Tierva Station, Part Two[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Bernard Redshield 10 Skill Points Dagger Steel Dagger
Claude Redshield 10 Skill Points Heavy Armor Plate Armor
Henrick Redshield 5 Skill Points Accessory Spiked Helmet
Ludwick Redshield 5 Skill Points 40 Zloteks

On the third turn, you've be alerted to the fact that the train is approaching. You'll have one last turn to get as many opponents onto the tracks as possible. While Stasis Dart can be highly effective in keeping the lesser Redshields in place, Stun attacks may be less effective as they'll cause your foes to retreat out of the train's target area. The train does between 160 and 240 damage to anything it hits.

Consider giving the Spiked Helmet to Tevoran, who likely has a high Defense at this point, and won't suffer much from the minor Defense decrease.

Hint: Celestial Drive can be used to cancel/replace weak status if your team suffer from it.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

Okay, guys, this is a hell of a battle. Winning without pushing them into the train is highly possible but doing so and winning flawlessly may not be so easy for you. You must move Tevoran to the rail, mock, and use the other 5 to deal as much damage to Claude as possible.

Second turn attack Claude again. He should be dead by all means, or he'll use Horrific Bellow, which is the worst attack in this game, and slow Bernard. Make Tevoran attract the other two flies.

Third turn: Limb Break Henrick, attract Ludwick with Tevoran who shows his back at him on the rail, and reduce Bernard under 110 life (preferably under 100). However, for this you must plan very well all the positions.

Fourth turn: kill Bernard, mock Ludwick, and pray to God that he ended on the rail.

If the train didn't stomp either of the last two, don't worry. They are weak and vulnerable to stun/stasis.

Just aim one of them at a time and stun them to control them. This way you can win the battle flawlessly without the train.

Strategy 2 (inbred-o-pult), by Vae Victis:

An easy strategy that doesn't depend on the train at all, but you need to have conveniently placed the corpse in the previous battle. Flawless victory can be accomplished without using any items at all.

First turn - Redshields are far too heavily armored for your weapons to do much damage. First use Tevoran's Mockery and make sure he isn't two close to the nearest Redshields, but keep him on the platform. Now use the corpses from the previous battle as your weapons - they never miss, can be used many times and deal only slightly less damage than your weapons. During the first two turns focus on Claude. Casimir is too weak to use the bogos, so he'll be used for healing or poisoning.

Second/third turn - Claude should be dead. Now use Oksana's Celestial Drive to strengthen everyone (you can learn skills mid-battle by entering the "details" menu, and you can forget it during the intermission) so that they could lift Claude's corpse. Redshield corpses deal about 30HP of damage, making them the most effective weapon in the game if used correctly. Surround Bernard at the four corners so that thrown corpses at Bernard will always land beside two of your surrounding party members, and pass his brother's corpse closer to him and fling it repeatedly at him.

Fourth turn - The other two Redshields are now on the platform as well. Stun at least one of them. Finish off Bernard (if you haven't already) and now use both Redshield corpses to kill the non-stunned Redshield. Remember to conserve Oksana's SP for Celestial Drive. If it has worn off, use the regular corpses from the previous battle.

By the sixth turn there should be only one Redshield left. Use stun and regular weapons to finish him off.

(Note: Oksana is built like an ox, and is the only party member who can pick up Red-shield bodies without a buff. This means she can deal considerable amounts of damage, and can also be seen in how her throwing of regular corpses is stronger than others.)

Strategy 3(Train crash):

At first, this fight seems like living hell, especially if you had trouble in the bar with Claude and Bernard. Henrick and Ludwick may be slightly worse than Claude and Bernard, as they don't have immunity to stun and stasis, but they are still Redshields. The train on turn 4 is going to be what most players will bank on, as they can kill a Redshield at full health.

One strategy is to quickly make your way toward the second rail, as the two initial threats, Claude and Bernard will be left in the path of the train.

When you meet Henrick and Ludwick, things can either get easier or harder. In order to force them onto the tracks in front of the coming train, careful shoving and status inflictions can be used. Mockery can draw them toward Tevoran, and slow will make it so that they can walk up to you without getting a chance to attack. If you get past and stun them, they will run away, right into the path of the train.

Alternatively, you can focus on a fight on the platform near the tracks with Claude and Bernard. Trying to shove the Red-shields onto the tracks is a good idea, and the gaps between the railing make decent choke points. Corpses can also be used, as just two bodies stacked on the edge of the platform will make it impossible for enemies to jump up.

Interval[edit | edit source]

In the Masori shop you'll find a variety of very expensive "Refined" items. It is advised to avoid buying these, as your money can be spent more effectively on other things!

While the Plate Armor is powerful, if you're not in need of the defensive boost, consider that it can be sold for 350 Zloteks.

Oksana's Priest Robe offers a 50% Deflect rate against arrows. While there are only a couple of archers in the next battle, you'll face more of them in Episode 5, making this holy garb a wise purchase.

Worth noting, this is the first opportunity you'll have to get a Refined Sword which, if you're not planning on save scumming, is arguably the best weapon for Tevoran in Chapter 2 and will serve him well during this last battle and throughout the next chapter. If you want to use it instead of a pair of Cold Swords, grab it now.

Zofia's Fortress[edit | edit source]

Name Type Points Drops
Zofia Gunner 25 Skill Points Item Holy Beverage, 300 Zloteks
Turin Mercenary Leader 10 Skill Points 70 Zloteks
Friedrich Mercenary 5 Skill Points
Melchior Mercenary 5 Skill Points 80 Zloteks
Bozhkov Mercenary 5 Skill Points Item Slunk Nuggets
Soren Mercenary 5 Skill Points
Benway Mercenary Archer 5 Skill Points Heavy Armor Low-Grade Plate Armor
Ishmael Mercenary Archer 5 Skill Points Item Foot Grease
Turret Turret 5 Skill Points
Turret Turret 5 Skill Points

Every three turns or so Zofia will launch a Molotov cocktail at the party. Try to avoid grouping your characters too close together when you're within her range. If her HP reaches 90, she'll perform a refined and elegant Wine Chug, which heals her by 15 HP and gives her Buzzed status, increasing Attack by 8 and Hit by 10%.

The Mercenary Leader will use Command every 3 rounds or so, dependent on his SP. He'll also eat the delicious Slunk Nuggets once falling to 50 HP.

A glittering secret lurks in the northwest corner, adjacent to the garbage pile. Rifling through the trash there will yield the Red Belt , an accessory which allows countering of melee attacks 25% of the time, and 25 Zloteks.

If you're feeling sadistic, you can attempt to box in Zofia with the crates near her platform. She'll be unable to move and can be finished off with ranged attacks. NOTE: Be sure to clear out her allies so they don't bother your comrades.

Strategy 1, by Malfarence:

This was the most annoying battle for me as it is easily winnable, but lack of caution can make it a flawed victory. Even Ivan, Vadim, and Tevoran can easily be killed.

Here's it: Give Ysabel the Spiked Helm, Tevoran and Ivan the Procurer's Cane/Tevoran's Belt/Boris's Ring/Holy Undergarments. For Oksana keep the Blessed Girdle instead of giving it to Casimir as, unlike him, she can be a DPS/Healer, finishing the foes with a lucky White Bolt. Tevoran needs the Plate Armor. Ivan can use a good leather vest, and Ysabel should be fully buffed in DPS means, as she is the most versatile, DPS-wise. In addition, the Priest Robe is a mandatory buy for Oksana, and Dart Cleaver is extremely important for Tevoran.

Observe the field well first. You are surrounded, much like the battles in the second chapter, which means you must take shelter. But the field is narrow. There is little to no shelter if you want to actually kill Zofia. So try diversions while you take them one-by-one. Be especially careful about the archers. They are the most annoying and dangerous, after Zofia.

Turn 1: Melchior is easily killable, but doing so might delay an important issue. Attack Ishmael with Ysabel and Oksana, and use Mockery. You may wound Melchior and Friedrich if you like, too.

Second turn:Kill Ishmael, you may kill Friedrich, too.Stun someone, and wound someone also.

Turn 3: Kill Melchior and Soren (or Bozkhov). Reorganize. Heal whomever is wounded.

This also means splitting your team after that. Oksana, Ysabel, and Casimir stay on the platform while the other boys descend.

By now the priorities are the turrets first, then Benway (a small stun now and then will keep his bow relaxed). Manage Bozhkov by slow and/or Stasis and/or Stun. When Zofia has 15 SP, use Mockery.

Turn 4 and turn 5 (if you're not sure how to act): destroy the first turret, and wound Turin a little more. The fourth turn Ysabel and Oksana might get hurt, but as the time goes, they'll be safer. On turn 5 and not turn 4, use Mockery again.

Turn 6: Have Turin and Bozhkov stunned, Turin and Benway wounded, and Ysabel healed.

Seventh turn: Put an arrow in the other turret, finish Turin quick, and get the boys started towards Zofia. Mock to help the weaker group survive easier.

8th turn: Use Ysabel to finish the last turret. Oksana should bolt Benway (this should finally kill him), and Casimir slow him (if he survives) and/or heal who is hurt. Advance the boys towards Zofia further.

By now it's your group of 6 versus Zofia and Bozhkov.

9th turn: Kill Bozhkov and retreat the weaker group somewhere safe. The tougher group is already on her platform. Send whoever is closer towards the garbage pile (preferably Ivan with the Greasy Jacket and/or someone with Haste). Use Mockery right now.

10th Turn: Take the Red Belt, surround Zofia with everyone, slow her down so that her Wine Chug is useless and finish her.

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